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The Thankful Challenge

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It is that time of year where being thankful is the focus around dinner tables. I believe in being thankful every single day because we never realize just how much we have to be thankful for.

I am thankful for so many things from my family, my dear friends, my home, my Daisy, my church, my health even though I have so many things wrong…I am better than some, the ability to write this blog and sorry I have missed so much lately but things are calming and I am getting back in the groove. I am thankful for all of you that read my blog for it lifts my heart daily and makes me feel like I have a job.

So, here is the challenge. Every day…write down in a notebook or on a piece of paper three (3) things you are thankful for and each day must be three different things. After you get past the usual…my home, my family, God, etc…then you really have to think about how much you have to be thankful for.

I can remember writing a couple of years ago when I did this that I was thankful for long johns, hot coffee and a hot shower. Seems minor but it was major to me because so many do not have that in this world. Another day, I wrote I was thankful for the church bells I heard in the distance, thankful for the pain in my legs for many have lost their legs and thankful for the sunshine.

So, I challenge you all to write down each day three different things you are thankful for and do it for two or three weeks. And then go back and read what you have written and if you seriously do it…watch how your view of what you have to be thankful for changes. It starts off with big things and then as you search for something new to be thankful for, you really start looking at the good things in your life.

Remember happiness and gratefulness go together. And happiness is not a destination….it is the journey and how you travel it.


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♫♫ Billie Jean…..♫♫

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No matter how bad things get, it really is ok to find a little humor and to laugh. That has been my philosophy for years and this week was no exception.  And it helps that my son has my wacky sense of humor.  I had three trips an hour each way to doctors in three days. I am susceptible to catching everything that is out there and especially when you go to places that have a lot of sick people. So, I dress accordingly. I dress to avoid being sneezed on, coughed on, or getting germs from anything.


Now, let me tell you that dressed like this…I can clear an elevator in sixty seconds. Seriously people fled, saying over their shoulders as they ran out that they would catch the next one. Wonder if it works at restaurants?  But, I really am not concerned if people think I look scary, funny or anything else. I am determined to keep from catching all the sickness that is in the places I have to go like doctor’s office and hospitals.

So, what I tell the ones in charge is no I do not have any dread disease that anyone can catch and that I am only trying to keep myself from catching what they are coughing all over the waiting rooms. And if that does not work, I tell them this is my Michael Jackson Halloween costume as I throw up one gloved hand, grab my hat and start singing ♫♫ Billie Jean…..♫♫ and then raising my head I start rolling backwards and moving my shoulders back and forth like I am moon walking. That just brings the house down.


No matter what life throws your way, find a way to smile for it helps. Laughter and smiling help make the hard times better. Do not waste your minutes being angry, upset,  sad, discouraged, or anything negative because when you do….you are wasting minutes you can never recover and are losing precious moments that you could be spending with those you love or spending on things that are good.

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How Did We Become Such A Disposable Society?

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I am showing my age here when I say this but that is ok. I am proud of my age. I remember growing up not throwing stuff away or clothes away and the possessions we had were things to take care of. I am proud my sons were raised the same way. And I am sad to see the country/world become such a disposable society.

Now, let me say this in defense of that before I start in on all the things thrown away. I believe a lot of the problem lies in industries who create items that are not made to last. People used to take pride in their craft and if you bought a certain watch or a certain piece of furniture or even a certain item of clothing, the people making it took great pains to create something that they could be proud up and that stood up to time and use. This is not that way today.

I think about the wood workers who crafted their items so intrinsically that if anyone knew their work they could identify it by just looking at it. Artists were the same way and inventors the same way. If you owned a television years ago, you did not throw it away if it quit working. You called the repairman and had it fixed. Today we are lucky if a cell phone lasts over a year or a television and clothes are not even the same quality. Today you have to watch for all the tricks some companies do to make money off of us by giving us an inferior product. Look how often cars are traded, how often houses are sold, how often smart phones are :upgraded”, etc.

These are possessions I was talking about above but so many live a more disposable life than most of us realize. People tend to go into marriage with the idea that if it does not work, they can just throw it away and start over with someone new. Nothing is done to try to “work out” the problems. The spouse just becomes disposable. Friends are disposable today too. If you do not believe me, just look at Facebook sometime and you will see people cutting people off if they dare to disagree with them and they then move on to someone new.I have begun to think that few people know what being a friend is. If I am a friend…then I am a friend even if the other person walks away or acts in a certain way.

How can people be a disposable item? Seems humans have little value as do relationships. I guess trying to talk and work things out and really caring about others is not what it used to be. Children seem to be disposable as many people have babies and then the grandparents end up raising them. What happened to accountability? Much as people think they can run from their problems, the problems will just catch up with them at a later date in a similar situation.

My take on this is that there is little respect for people, places or things. There seems to be little value for human life as we see the murders around the world. There seems to be little compassion and concern for other humans as we see the empty houses rise to a number greater than the homeless population. Why could they not have worked out something for people to keep their homes? There is little respect for what people say to others and believe me when I say there are some horrible people posting anonymously behind  their monitors and I do mean hate mongering.

I believe in kindness no matter how others act. I believe in forgiveness no matter what someone says to us or how they act to us. I believe in accountability in what we say and do. And most of all, I believe in respect. We can not change the world but maybe we can change our corner of the world and create ripple effects. So many say they can not do it alone and no one can but if we each make an effort to make a change, eventually others will see it and try it too.

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Update on Rudy and His Surgery

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UPDATE:  Rudy’s Surgery has been set. Thank you to all who helped.

Three Sister’s and a Brother Rescue has worked hard to raise the 3,3oo dollars for Rudy’s second surgery. This is the rescue that rescued our sweet Daisy and they work hard to help all the animals they can. They have raised $3,112.00 and only need $188 more dollars if anyone wants to help. Then Rudy can heal and they can find him a loving home. This surgery is to remove bullet fragments from his paws.

My Daisy thanks everyone that has donated. If anyone wants to help with the last 188 dollars you can donate here and can even donate anonymously.


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Happy Veteran’s Day

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I am blessed by many things in my life. I am blessed by our freedoms, by those who are willing to fight to keep us safe, by those who sacrifice daily to make our world, our country a safer place.  Today I send heartfelt thanks and love to all the veterans and all our men and women in the military.

Know that you are honored and loved from our home to you no matter where you are.


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Can You Help Rudy?

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My Daisy asks can you help Rudy? Daisy was rescued by Three Sisters And A Brother Animal Rescue and is now in our loving home.  Rudy has had such a hard life and lived with so much pain and still is such a happy puppy.

This is Rudy


What a precious boy he is. Rudy was rescued from Columbus County Animal Control on July 30, 2014 by This rescue is run by a friend of mine named Jill and where our sweet Daisy came from. And the following excerpt is from their donation site as they try to raise money for Rudy’s second surgery.

“Rudy is only 18 months old. Our sweet boy has had a very rough first year of his life. He has been treated for heart worms and he did great with his Immiticde injection treatments.

His first surgery, to repair the two fractures in his right hip that were likely caused by being hit by a car and left untreated to heal improperly, was successfully accomplished on 9/22/14 by Dr. Jack Gallagher at Surgical Veterinary Referral Practice in Cary, NC.  Rudy is recovering very nicely in his foster home.

Now it is time to get prepared for his second surgery in approximately 8 weeks (11/10/14) to repair his left forepaw. He has had a previous gunshot wound to his left forepaw resulting in 4 fractures that were left untreated and also have not healed properly therefore leaving his left forepaw deformed. This is a lot of trauma and surgery for an 18 month old puppy but he is a happy, friendly and very loving little guy. The estimated cost of the second surgery is approximately $3,300.00 and so far we have raised $1,790.00.

As Rudy’s rescue and sole caregivers, we are committed to providing him with the quality of care that is required for him to live a normal, happy and healthy life with a forever family. We are currently asking for help through donations for this second and last surgery. With your donations we can give Rudy this final surgery that he needs to live a normal and happy life. No amount is too small. We appreciate ALL donations and we are truly grateful for your support of our rescue efforts. We will keep you updated on Rudy’s surgery and his recovery progress. Rudy and all of us THANK YOU in advance.

One surgery has been completed but there is still one to go. Here are the BEFORE SURGERY PHOTOS of his LEFT FORE-PAW (FOOT) (9/4/14). There are two views. You can see the fractures best in the second view. The fractures are displaced causing the deformity. The bright white spots are the bullet fragments that are still in his foot.This surgery will be scheduled as soon as the funds are raised.

before pics of fracturebefore pics fractureThese the the x-ray of Rudy’s right hip.

hip two

 RUDY NEEDS OUR HELP!! RUDY has already completed his FIRST SURGERY on his right hip. He desperately needs this SECOND SURGERY on his left fore-paw to repair the 4 fractured bones that were left untreated and have not healed properly. Please consider donating for Rudy’s second surgery! Thanks so very much!! (Three Sisters and a Brother Animal Rescue, Inc.) The amount raised thus far for RUDY’S Second Surgery is $1,790.00. Our goal is $3,300.00, the estimated cost of the surgery. “

There are TWO ways to make a donation. You may donate via GoFundMe at this link:
Via PayPal at this link:   Please put FOR RUDY in the message box. THANKS TO ALL!!

And I personally thank any who are willing to help Rudy. I have watched the work of Jill and her rescue and they are dedicated to helping as many animals as possible.

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Share The Hope

Simply danLrene signiaI want to tell you about a young girl who has been seriously ill for seven years. She is about 22 now and so that means she was about 15 when she became ill with ME….myalgic encephalomyelitis sometimes called chronic fatigue syndrome which is a very poor name for this illness.  In the states, over one million people have ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and there are 17 million people world wide with this illness. This illness has been around since the 80’s and so I for one wonder why they have not found a treatment for this since it is listed as a “chronic degenerative neuro-immune disease described in medical literature as early as 1935.”

Jessica works hard to try to raise awareness and to raise money for the charity. This kind of work is so exhausting to someone bed bound with ME/CFS and she has to be flat on her back a lot of the time  When we live in one room and live in a hospital bed believe me it is not by choice. And I can only imagine how hard for a child in her teens to suddenly become that sick. There are a lot of battles, a lot of “crashes” as the body just forces us to lay there and do nothing. So, I think Jessica creating this song to sell and raise money for the charity….in spite of being so sick is amazing.

There are many people trying to create awareness of this illness and creating movies, videos, and events to educate on. Many people with ME work to get their input into the medical genre so that they are heard. And that is wonderful and hopefully one day instead of dismissing this as a psychological disorder or even taking children from their parents and keeping them in hospitals where the parents can not see them, research might actually come up with a way to help this.

While many focus on solutions, Jessica’s concern was directed towards all the many children who are suffering debilitating illness and how the children are coping. She, with the help of her sister, created a charity called “Share A Star” and it focused on giving young children hope and on the children knowing that they were not forgotten.

Jessica is bedridden and lives with a lot of pain and yet she still worries about others. The Charity created stars for children to have as their own to give them hope as they went through the medical things they faced. The charity has gone on to create a Share The Hope official charity music single and Jessica is hoping to get as many as possible sold before Christmas to make Christmas brighter for the sick children.

From the video, it says “This charity song is the brain child of, and has been written by, Jessica L E Taylor, a seriously unwell and bedridden young lady.It has a very clear message for us all to ‘Spread the Hope’ this Christmas time and by doing so, will raise important funds for four registered charities.”

Jessica has worked hard to get where she can sit up and made it and even stood for a couple of minutes but her system has gone down again and she is back flat on  her back and in a lot of pain. So, I am posting this on here for Jessica in hopes that you all will order this video, share the blog so others can get the links and will help Jessica realize her dream of having it go high on the charts. Below is a preview only of the single. To hear the song in full you will need to buy one.

The proceeds from the sale of this song will go to help four different charities:


If you are touched by this video and want TO DONATE (it will be split between all four charities), the link is:

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Malignancy Of The Heart

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When we think of malignancy, we think of cancer. But, there is another kind of malignancy that goes on especially in the internet world. It is called the Malignant Heart.  I do believe that it is a horrible disease and affects many we come into contact with on the internet and real- life. The internet seems to bring about  out the malignant heart in others and they follow almost with mob mentality, the malignant hearts near them. There is power in numbers, so in a group, people feel even more forceful. The term malignant means deadly, life threatening, terminal, etc and if one has a malignancy then one is in fear of dying. I believe that when your heart is malignant and you do not do anything to change that, it will eventually kill you and what a horrible way to die.

a denise A Wells tattoo

The malignant heart does not care who it hurts and causes such things as vindictiveness, hatred, bullying, and other demeaning actions. I have written on bullying before and yet I think the malignant heart is not just a person who bullies but is someone who thinks they can say or do whatever they want and do not have to answer to anyone. I have been hurt this way as have friends of mine.

The term malignant heart is not my expression. I have seen the term used when talking about criminals and actions by companies on the internet. It is not a physical condition I am referring to but one “of the heart”  or emotions. I find that being on the computer gives people a feeling of a sense of power and being anonymous gives them even more power to be hateful.  One of the first signs that their heart is malignant.

I know people who literally hide their ID on the internet because they have been attacked by someone with a malignant heart and attacked viciously. I have seen this with women in their fifties, sixties and seventies with these malignant hearts. And I see it in the younger people now who just attack others “in the name of defending someone” but are just as hateful and name calling. I am not sure what causes this but there could be several reasons:  loneliness, bitterness,  disappointment in their lives, being at home with young children and bored or perhaps their heart has always been malignant. Who knows. All I know is that these two groups of the population have some of the worst perpetrators. Now, not everyone in these groups are like this but a large enough number to make one cautious about who you talk to.

Please do not misunderstand me. I have seen many with a malignant heart in real- life and even in churches.  And I have seen men with malignant hearts, though I will have to say those men tend to have a heart that is malignant when it comes to women…using and discarding them and hurting them badly and moving on to the next conquest. But, it seems that women are gaining in that area doing the same to men.

image from

Sometimes I wish we could see inside of the heads of people like this.  I heard someone once say that a therapist could become rich off of the abnormal behavior just seen on the internet. Sadly, those with the malignant heart do not think anything is wrong with their behavior.

And their behavior is so predictable. They will cause problems in a group and then play all innocent and use expressions like “I was just trying to understand” or “I was just asking, not trying to cause problems” after they have succeeded in disrupting a whole group. And then when the person running the group makes a general statement to make them stop and says something like “please if you can not be nice, do not say anything” and the malignant heart will jump in and start making comments like “you tell them!”  or “great post. thank you!” when it is actually them the moderator of the group is talking to.

Reminds me of being in church and the preacher is really wound up on gossiping or some other ugly action, and when the very ones the preacher was hoping to reach are leaving they church and shake the preacher’s hand…they tell him “Boy,  you told them preacher”.  And they really believe it is everyone else but them the preacher is talking to.

I came across a site one day that was listing who they thought were the ten most evil people in history. And someone commented on the post and said basically…what about those, who in their lonely lives, go on the internet looking for people to take their anger out on and rip to pieces the soul of someone else. I thought that was a very interesting statement. When malignant hearts set out to destroy another verbally….they are ripping to shreds the very heart of the person they are attacking.

image by

Yes, there is a lot of deceit and taking advantage of on the internet. First time it happens is shame on the person doing it. Second and third time..etc…is shame on the person who allows it.  Believe me when I say, it is not being taken advantage of if you allow the person to do it. While there is so much on the internet that shows people with malignant hearts, we have to learn to protect our own for no one else will do it for us.

Evil lurks in the heart of man, and anonymity tends to bring it out. Internet flamers would never say the jagged things they do if they had to sign their names.

GARRISON KEILLOR, “Renouncing Evil Powers and Anonymity,”

A Prairie Home Companion, Jan. 12, 2010

How we act in life, on the internet or anywhere else….is a choice. No one forces us to be mean to others or to try to control them. So, if it is a choice…..why do people keep on being mean?  A malignant heart of the emotional kind is curable. Perhaps a person must recognize first that their heart is malignant before they can over come it. No matter the reason, we must take care of our corner of the world and make sure to act in a way that we want to be treated. We must be authentic with our actions and words for then we will be setting the standard. And we must strive to make sure our hearts are not filled with bitterness, anger, hate, malice for that will destroy us in the end.

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Complacency Comes With Consequences

Simply danLrene signiaI believe in standing up for what is right……even if you are standing alone. This has to do with all of life from politics down to the food you eat. If you are complacent and never make any waves, then those in charge of whatever assume you think it is fine. I believe if we are not willing to stand up for something then we are complicit to what is going on. It is easy to let others have to do the standing up but it is so worth it when we stand up ourselves. It is worth it in the personal sense for you will find many will make ugly comments because they do not want to hear the truth and in today’s society where all the “politically correct” rhetoric is going on, people just choose sides without any researching to see what the side really stands for.

I see so many people who just take things at face value and never study to see if what they are being told is true.  We can not take brands, political parties, churches, hospitals, etc as being safe, truthful, and worth defending if we have never researched to see if they are or not. I see people doing this with their voting. I have heard people saying they vote all this party or all that party because they are great to vote for because of their party affiliation. That is wrong in my opinion because if you do much research you will read of the charges brought, investigations done on candidates from all parties.  I hate to tell people that a candidate being of a particular party does not guarantee the person has the country’s best interest at heart. Study and research to know what people, companies, news media, schools, churches, etc are really all about. Then make your decision. Never rely on what the media presents.

I am very picky on what I eat, what I wash with, what I clean with for I have researched the products and know what their standard is here and in the world. For example, I no longer eat a certain food product because it uses the yellow color which other countries have banned. Have we become to complacent that we just take it for granted that people who are making money off of us have our best interests at heart?  I research my medicines and amazingly enough many are being made overseas. With our world like it is, does anyone not wonder if getting our prescriptions from a country that does not like us makes any sense at all?

I also stand up for myself. If I am complacent people will walk all over me and misuse me and mistreat me and I have only myself to blame. We have to learn to speak up and stand up. Just keep in mind that being assertive does not mean being a bitch or a bad ass. It means speaking with authority and conviction and believing in what we are standing up for. Do you believe in yourself?  If you do, then you should stand up for yourself.

We have become a world of complacency on one hand where people do not want to hear the truth, do not want to know what is going on in our world and the products and food that affect us and in a world where people are so busy standing up for the wrong reasons that what they say they are standing up for gets lost in the rhetoric. I see people who have so little faith in their own beliefs that they will not stand on their own convictions. Have you ever noticed that those that have a deep abiding faith are never derailed from what they believe in  but those that are insecure in their own faith will argue and attack because they do not have the strong convictions to carry them through?

When someone is attacked, raped, murdered, robbed, etc and you hear or see it and do nothing then you are complacent and that makes you complicit. It also makes us accountable. Take your beliefs and if enough people started standing up for their morals, standing up against those that cheat, lie and steal in the political arena by voting them out, stand up for the jacking up of prices on things when there is no reason by refusing to buy from the companies, etc…then the world might actually start becoming more accountable for their actions.

I hear people all the time complain about this person or that person in political office and yet when asked if they voted their response is “no”.  I tell them that their complacency on voting makes them are just as much responsible for putting the person in office as if they did vote for the person. The consequence of not voting brought people into office that they were against. We are a free society and we do vote our politicians in but we should do so with great research on what they say they do and what is proven they do. And if we are not willing to vote, then we should not be complaining.

And this is Simply danLrene’s words of wisdom:   We are here in this world such a short time, so make the best of it. And by best I do not mean lying, cheating, stealing and spending money you do not have. I mean make the most of it by being someone who is accountable and is authentic with their word, being someone of honor and someone that does what is right even when people are ugly to you. Be the person that makes a difference.

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What Uncrossable Lines Do You Have?

Note: Sorry for the absence. Have been undergoing some medical things. Thank you for sticking around. :)  danLrene

MWSnap049 2014-01-24, 14_19_07We all have a line that says “ENOUGH”  or I will go no further: a line that we will not cross. Do you know what yours is? I have more than one line and the lines are my boundaries of what I will put up with, what I will do, what I will allow to be done to me, etc. Lines or boundaries are necessary in life or we will be walked on and misused.

boundariesimage from

It took me years to learn how important it is to set healthy boundaries because I was a people pleaser. I was always afraid of making others mad or doing something that would make them stop liking me. It took a lot of hard work to come to the place where I knew that boundaries were necessary in life and took a lot of the stress away.

There are boundaries with family, boundaries with friends, boundaries at work, boundaries for your home, boundaries for your time and boundaries that we need to set to stop ourselves from being run to death. I first learned about boundaries when it came to boundaries with other people. I learned that it was ok to say “Sorry but I can not do that.” when someone wanted me to do something for them. And it took many tries before I mastered the art of saying no and sounding like I meant it. People who are wanting someone to do something for them can become quite pushy and demanding. Many do not listen to you when you say you are busy or you can not and will keep pushing you to do what they need done.

I soon learned a couple of things to never do when telling someone I can not or will not do something. . I learned to never give an excuse  why I could not do their request. And I am sure you all are saying “Why not give an excuse?”  The reason is that if you give an excuse they will find an answer for the excuse and still pressure you to do what they need done. So, save your breath on that one. There is no easy way out. Simply say “No” or “No, I can not” and then walk away or get off the phone with them. Will they get mad? Oh yeah, some of them will but they will get over it.

I learned the hard way when someone pressured me into running their booth on a Saturday at the church bazaar. I did not want to and I came home angry at myself for not saying no. But what taught me the lesson was learning that the reason the person wanted me to run the booth was they wanted to take the weekend off. I had plans and cancelled the plans to do what this person asked me to do. I did that because I thought they were going to be working alone and needed help. So, you can imagine my anger at myself upon learning that I had given up something I wanted to do only to find I had been suckered into giving someone else their weekend off instead of me having mine.

I have lines that are done deals when others cross them. Do not lie to me and do not steal from me is one. Another is do not attack my kids or my granddaughter and say things about them that are not true. Another is do not try to get me entangled in something immoral  or illegal.  When people cross these lines, they have gone too far.

What lines do you have in your life? Which ones are lines you will not cross and which are lines others better not cross. You do not have to tell me…just think about it for yourself for boundaries are something we all need.

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