Julia Child, Beef Bourguignon, Cookbooks and GPS Units

Oh, what a day it has been….ranging from the Sunshine Award, to son and I cooking Julia Child’s beef bourguignon to getting a box in the mail with a GPS unit in it. OHHH  what a day.

Son and I decided to try to cook Julia Child’s beef bourguignon. I can tell you now that if that Julie person cooked Julia’s beef bourguignon, she didn’t come in at 8 after work and do it. It took us hours to cook that. It takes 2 1/2 hours to cook after you fix all the other ingredients. Each ingredient, like the mushrooms, you fix before putting them in the pot to go in the oven. We cut up and sautéed the mushrooms prior to going in the pot. We peeled and fixed the pearl onions and browned or glazed them before going in the pot. The meat is browned before going in the pot and the bacon is boiled and then dried and fried in the skilled before going in the pot. It is a lot of deal. But, oh goodness the flavor. Below is son flipping the mushrooms as they are cooking. I always had lots of butter and juice when cooking mushrooms, never realizing there should be none.

We had two skillets going and working in tandem. Son is a good cook. I was really just the hander.

Those little pearl onions are so yum. I sat and pulled the dry skins off them and fixed them for the skilled. Then they were cooked until they started turning brown.

Son worked hard taking care of all the different ingredients. He glazed the vegetables and then used wine to get all that good stuff that sticks in the skillet. When it was all said and done, out came the pot. Our meat was cut smaller than Julia says but it still did good. And oh goodness, the flavor of that grave with the meat and vegetables. It is just to die for.

So, we toasted ourselves. LOL

But the amazing thing was….you all would never guess this in a million years. My book that was given to me …Mastering the Art of French Cooking…came right when we got done cooking. Son and I both were so excited and this is the 1966 edition. He is looking forward to trying more new recipes.

I think if anyone buys this book and expects a plain ole cookbook with pages of recipes, they will be slightly shocked. This is not just a cookbook, it is an encyclopaedia on cooking, a wonderful resource took and has everything you need in one book. It is a phenomenal book.

Oh and lest I forget. We also got another package. I think Sassy got tired of me always calling her asking her to look up the directions to somewhere because we were lost. She sent us a GPS unit. I was so tickled I cried years of joy.

So, to Sassy, I say thank you from my heart. And if I get lost now…who do I blame????  giggling. Oh and Sassy, son has one question. He says how do you make this thing talk with a southern accent so we can understand her?  LOL

Poor Jack was so wore out that he went and got in his bed while son and I were cooking in the kitchen.

And Mr. Wonder Dog, who does not want to wear any coat but his blue one, got mad at me because I took his blue one cape off to wash and put on his old one. See this look he is giving me. 🙂 This is his “where the hell is my blue coat?”  look. ha

7 thoughts on “Julia Child, Beef Bourguignon, Cookbooks and GPS Units

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  2. Well now, as i read this, I realized my mouth was watering, my eyes were sending messages to my brain and I was wanting to reach to the screen to nab a mushroom or several! Talk about lovely and such great chefs out there as the two of YOU… and do you mean to tell me that gps doesn’t have the “twang”… I paid extra for that and now you are telling me she is not talkin southern to YOU both???
    Well if you get lost now, I just don’t know what to tell ya, unless she is bringin you to my doorway for a cup of coffee and to put son in the kitchen to cook! enjoy the recipe book, the marvelous meal, and yes I am impressed wth the flip of that pan!

  3. I liked Betty Crocker the cook book it was 1956 Edition and was great I would never be able to do Julia French Cooking. I have seen her books. Too much for me and I am just little ole me anyway. It sounds so good good you have your son to cook. It is a lot of work that kind of cooking. So sweet of Sassy to send the GPS hugs Dar

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