Mob Mentality in Reverse

Mob Mentality, often called Herd Mentality or Crowd Hysteria….we all have heard of this and seen it happen. Just ask a person at the Christmas Black Day Sales, where people will knock you down and shove you and turn into someone you don’t recognize. We have read of people becoming so volatile and breaking into stores or becoming violent and hurting someone all because their emotions were fueled by the crowd at hand.

As I lay here in the dark, it hit me. Yesterday, I talked about ripples and how one kind act can create ripples of others. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have Mob Mentality be something positive and have waves and waves of groups of people all acting together in kindness. I know…I know…you are probably saying “dream on lady”.  But, I am serious here. We could call it Mob Mentality in Reverse.

If we are going to allow the crowd to lead us and it happens from the time we are a child on up, why not make it be something positive. Can’t you just envision crowds of people doing good deeds for others, reaching out in kindness to offer them a helping hand up. I can see it. I watched it in action yesterday with just a small ripple.

Yesterday, watching people laugh and walk away when the person had their cart turn over, reminded me on a smaller scale of when people hear someone scream rape or help me and they turn a deaf ear because they don’t want to be involved. All it takes it one person to start the ripple…just one.

I remember back east when son and I collected clothing to help people go get jobs. We were collecting it for an organization that helped those who were scarred and needed counseling and a second chance in life to get that chance. When we would ask people for donation, they looked at us like we were crazy when we told them what it was for. And yet, the day we took those boxes of clothes…and I mean nice clothes to wear to apply for a job…the people in that center were so excited and so happy that it filled son and I up for weeks. But, just picture this as Mob Mentality and see people doing it all over the country. Oh my gosh, what a difference that would make in the world.

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I had someone tell me a couple of years ago that they hated that their hard-earned tax dollars were helping anyone. They told me they had plenty of money and it was not fair to him to have to contribute anything to help anyone else. Probably the first time I have been rendered speechless. To be honest, the people I find that are willing to step out and help others are usually those who have little but are willing to share it…not those who have a lot. Maybe that is why they have a lot but all I know is ….I would rather live my life having a little and know that I helped someone in need than to live in a mansion full of fancy furniture and have piles of money in the bank and know that I never helped anyone. My response to the person above was that I hoped and prayed he never found himself down and out and all he met were people with his attitude.

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Mob Mentality in reverse…..doing good-by crowds of people setting others off to do good…mass movements to reach out and help lift others UP…ripples traveling around the world that touch life after life after life. Oh yes, I can picture it and dream it. Who knows….maybe one day this dream will come true. All it takes is one to start it. You could be the one to start the acts of kindness… get the crowd going into Mob Mentality in Reverse.

13 thoughts on “Mob Mentality in Reverse

  1. Mob Mentality of Kindness…I love it. And I am involved with a service group that comes the closest to anything I have seen of practicing Mob Mentality of Kindness…the American Red Cross. I will be going tomorrow to a neighboring county to assist with Disaster Assessment related to tornadoes that occured on March 2. All services by the Red Cross are Free. We tell the disaster victims up front, ‘All services are free…a gift from the American people to you. We are here to help!’ And 90% of Red Cross workers are volunteers who want to show kindness and help to victims of diaster. Wow. Neat…Mob Mentality of Kindness.

    Good thoughts!


  2. I have a friend in my building who gives to her church others like myself also give for her to the homeless she sorts the clothes to size and gender. Then talks and helps them find their needs learns of their plight she is a sweet lady and I try to give the things I can to her. We have a free table so gather some of the decent things from there too. God Bless you and others for helping.

  3. More of this happens than we all notice or see. I listen to KLove radio. They have a day each week for “random acts of kindness”. Sometimes it is buying someones coffee standing in line behind them. Sometimes it might be paying for a fast food order for the car behind you. On a smaller scale, we have the opportunity every day to smile at someone, comment on their outfit or hair. Small kindnesses have every chance to touch someone without us knowing how far the “ripples” can go. Thanks for the reminder. We shouldn’t live like we are alone.

  4. Now that is something I could definately join in with… a pay it forward type of plan of action… a call to service to others in a positive and life changing way… each stone cast into the water will create a ripple effect that affects the greater good of all… yes this is a mob mentality that we are in need of! Bravo, let’s go. Look at it in action from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes today… a testament to those who gather in mobs with the mentality of care, compassion, empathy and togetherness. Thanks for throwing it out here for all of us to join in on.

  5. I agree! You never know when you might be in a position where you must rely on the grace and kindness of others – for whatever reason. Life turns on a dime. For me kindness and compassion are key values for a society. Stuff never makes people happy – in the end it is relationships and the things that money can’t buy that make life worthwhile.

    This is a beautiful post, that really reminds us what is important in life. Thank you!
    Bless xx

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