Written In Invisible Ink

image from rebeccae.hubpages.com

I love this. Writers…always keep writing. Don’t let anything stop you…whether you write from experience or from what you learned from others. Let the words flow.


Invisible Ink

words of love written in disappearing ink
passions declared that took us to the brink

lives intertwined in loving embrace
secretly merged into one tiny space

rings of skin that were glaringly real
but the eyes are blind to what the hearts feel

secret encounters with hearts full of love
bodies embraced til they fit like a glove

her heart she believed above anyone’s word
she would never listen to what anyone heard

one day she turned a corner into shocking pain
and her world was filled with rain after rain

there he stood in stark reality
a woman, a baby and he made three

pressing her body back against the wall in shame
this was the day that the truth finally came

©danLrene  2012

17 thoughts on “Written In Invisible Ink

  1. I want you to know you became an inspiration for me. I like writing and drawing just like you, and reading about how you don’t give up no matter how tough things get made me trust in hope again. I’ve lost my trust in hope for some time, but your words helped me remember how important it is. So,I may not know you..
    But thank you.

    • Oh Lia…thank you. your words help me to keep fighting. Don’t give up…and find the good even if it is one tiny thing like a little light in the dark and hold tightly to it and keep it going. HUGS

    • I love the changes technology wise. I didn’t a few years back as son tried to sweep me into the internet but now I do. I wish you could see the lay out he has for me since I send a lot of time on this bed…he has a long table down one side of the bed with dual monitors and my tv on a swing arm. and a little flip down desk thing with cubbies. It is my writing station no matter how I am feeling. I write laying on my back, on my side…son says he gets stunned sometimes when he looks in here and sees how I am typing. giggling

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