The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

What a glorious way to start my day. I awoke this morning to see that “Jueseppi” listed me for an award.  As always, it just blows me away that someone thinks my words are worthy of an award. I thank you from my heart “Jueseppi”.

To me there is no higher honor than to have your peers think that something you do is worth an award. I remember teaching and getting Teacher of the Year Awards and it was such a high honor for other teachers thought I was a great teacher. And it is an honor to me that other writers think I am a really good writer.

I love “Jueseppi”   blog for he stands strong for women and all those that are oppressed and abused. I hope you will go and read and follow his blog for it is inspiring. Just click on his name and it will take you to his blog.  You do not have to agree with all he posts to appreciate the work he is doing. And I am proud of how he stands up for those that are mistreated or oppressed.

Seven things people don’t know about me….I have two braids that are just the lower part of my hair so that I can have it long if I want to dress up but wear in braids the rest of the time cause it is easier to handle for me. …..I do not like to be around people who are not real….who fake or try to act like they are someone they are not……I used to have a rose garden back east and cross pollinated the roses to get different colors…..I used to make all our food except for meat of course and we didn’t buy processed food….I am a speed reader……I love dolls. :)…….I do not waste my time on hate or other negative emotions. I don’t want to use up what minutes I have left on that.

Now for Seven Worthy Bloggers that are Inspirational.

1.       Top of my list is Dr. Sherry E. Showalter-Keepin It Real . I became a fan of hers a couple of years ago and she has been an inspiration to me in dealing with chronic illness. I hope you will visit her page and follow her blog too.

2.   Susan has a wonderful blog filled with hope and life and family. I enjoy just strolling through her blog leisurely. A very inspiring blog. I hope you will visit her and follow her blog too.

3.  Nicole has another inspiring blog. The journey is one worth taking. I hope you will visit her page and follow her blog too.

4.   Wyoming also has in very inspirational blog. She inspires me to live the real life that son and I worked so hard to get here for. Wonderful photos and lots of just plain good living. I hope you will visit her page and follow her blog too.

5.  Julie’s blog is another inspirational one. She lives in Australia and the photos are absolutely wonderful and just hearing the stories. Please go check her out and follow her blog too.

6.   Kate is another inspirational blog and a wonderful read for the day. I hope you will read and follow her blog too.

7.  Cee’s photography alone is inspiring and will fill you up and also all the wonderful things she does to bring bloggers together like “share your world” posting I do every weekend that she started. I hope you will read and follow this blog too.

Congratulations to all. There were so many wonderful blogs to choose from.


22 thoughts on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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