An Insulating and Dream Filled Day

The Weatherization people came to blow insulation in and to wrap the hot water heater and do things under the house. We should be snug as a bug now. I think we have 14 inches of insulation in the ceiling of the house. LOL

Just a few pictures taken today:

This guy stood in the back of the truck feeding all of those bundles of insulation into the machine to be blown in to the ceiling.

Son stood up there watching. They went through all the Vent things on the roof.

They also went under the house, brought us a stack of florescent bulbs, checked the thermostats, the fire alarms and the Carbon Monoxide Alarms. And then they came in and went into my close and insulated our hot water heater. That ought to save a bundle.

This should help us in the summer too with the air conditioning and keeping the house cooler for my breathing in hot weather. We are so blessed. The Creator has certainly blessed us this past year and I am thankful for all.

Now, moving on to a different subject. A HUGE THANK YOU to friend of mine. I got a package today. She knows how my dreams are and what they mean to me. I received this in the mail today from her:

This side above says “Never give up on your dreams”

And the side below says “do it for you”

this is embossed on an old coin. It brought tears to my eyes and all I can say is..thank you friend…thank you from my heart. Many hugs and much love. I am so blessed by the friends I have in my life. And for the friends who remind me to keep on dreaming for that keeps us going.


15 thoughts on “An Insulating and Dream Filled Day

  1. I am so glad they are doing this wonderful things to your home for you. You will be warm and cool also safer.
    Then the necklace is really very beauiful too. What a wonderful thing your friend has sent to you. Hugs Dar

  2. I also read “insulting” at first. Lol. Luckily, before I actually got to reading the post, I corrected my mistake so I knew what I was getting into lol. Great necklace, too by the way!

  3. I want one of these….are they for sale? If not, you and your friend should market them after making them….I;m your very first customer!!!

  4. I am so glad you received your necklace from a friend. A good friend will stick to you like a brother/sister. You are generous to others with your words and deeds, so in turn you deserve to be given to.


  5. I read the heading as “insulting” and kept waiting to get to that part LOL! Glad I was wrong. You attract great friends because that’s what you are…a GREAT friend!

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