Sure Signs Your Pets Are Spoiled

We all love our pets. And we almost all spoil them. Here are sure-fire signs your pets are VERY spoiled. 🙂

Your dog has more than one bed in the house. (Jack has 4…one in living room, one in son’s bedroom, one in his office and his hut in my bedroom)

Your dog has a toy box. (Jack has two)

Your Pet has a cape or a coat. (Jack has both)

Or your Bird has her own radio on her cage. *Misty loves to dance to music.That orange and silver circle thing is a “shower radio”.)

Misty crawling over towards her radio

Misty dancing to her music. I wish you could have seen her bobbing her head back and forth.

And last,  but not least. You have a pan of chicken boiling on the stove to make your dog’s food with. And even more so, you make his own doggie bones.  (which we do right now)

Now, I am not saying Jack and Misty are spoiled but sure is starting to look like it. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Sure Signs Your Pets Are Spoiled

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  2. Pets are supposed to be spoiled so there is nothing wrong with it. I love to spoil my dogs anyone’s dog or cat or bird I love them all enough to spoil them.

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  4. Hi Danlrene, I’m sorry to hear you have spoilt your Pets but they are sooo cute :-D.

    Well it’s dinner time and Missy wants hers right now and starts to bark to let me know I better get a move on, Monty restrains himself at first but gives in and so I have a chorus of we want food now! I decided that these two very spoilt dogs needed to lean they are not in charge, so I ignored them but they knew what to do, Missy came and gently licked my foot and Monty jumped up for a Lick, what could I do … it was dinner time after all, my meal preperation could wait and the meal as well if needed!

    I have a story that you might enjoy Danlrene I will post it some time this week and link it back to you since you are my new Blogging friend.

    Christian Love Anne.

    P.S Ron Spoils them too!

    • hi anne…I am glad you enjoyed. Yup those babies know how to get us don’t they. My favorite with Jack is he makes this PSSST sound when he wants your attention. First time I heard it, I thought son was trying to get my attention without alerting Jack and turned my head and it was Jack doing it. 🙂

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