The Greatest Battle Is Not Physical

I love this quote for it says what I believe so strongly. Our greatest battle is overcoming what our mind tells us. As I repeat so often what a friend says  “whether you think you can or you think you can’t….you will be right.”  is the truth.

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People ask me why I attempt the things I do like trying to help son get the tub out of the house. Well, it is like this. I believe that as long as we stay in motion….we will keep moving. It is when we quit getting up and doing that we become motionless. Yes, it is painful. Yes, I pay for it but you know what, I can spend my life not doing anything so the pain won’t go up or I can experience life….go through the pain that comes….rest up…and do it again because at least I experienced doing things. I get told I am stronger than most people. The truth of the matter is:

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You are. You truly are. When the crunch hits, we find out we can do more, withstand more than we ever thought. No, it does not make our physical limitations go away. It just means that when we need to face something…to accomplish something…there is that reserve in us that is there. Yes, we may pay for it for days. But it is the Accomplishment that counts. It is the Experience that counts. Don’t live your life in a cocoon doing nothing….LIVE and FEEL for as long as you can feel pain…you can feel the good things too. It is when you feel nothing that you better worry.

We all want people to believe in us but I have learned that I better first believe in myself. If I don’t believe in me, then how can I expect others to believe in me? I must have faith in myself that I am a worthy person….that I am smart, talented..whatever. And if I believe, those that matter will believe too.

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This is why not only must we nurture our physical health and take care of ourselves but we must take care of that inner self..that emotional self..our soul. For that is the part that will keep us going when things are tough. I remember after kidney surgery and I could barely stand with my forearm crutches and son helping me to go to the bathroom. I wanted to lay down and pull the cover over my head and I did for a while. And then, that inner self stepped in and said “you can do it”….”get up”…”TRY”.  And I did. It took me ten minutes to get to the bathroom and ten to get back. But know what?  That feeling of accomplishment was exhilarating.  I felt like I had accomplished climbing Pikes Peak…and for me..I had.

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It is ok to stop and rest. Some of us need more rest than others. Just don’t stay there and if you are feeling low and need some umph, put on some music and feel the vibes in your body. Set goals of going this far and then resting. You can visualize the rest area coming up. Think about with babies how we hold our hands out to get them to walk and when they take that step or two, we back up just a little to get them to take just one more step. Take that one more step. The Rest Area is coming.

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Feel it in your system when you accomplish something. Feel the exhilaration, the joy and let it sustain you. And give yourself credit for you did accomplish something. And this does not apply to just being disabled or having chronic health problems. All of life is like this. And most of all keep dancing…in your heart…in your head…in your bed….across the floor…all through life.

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13 thoughts on “The Greatest Battle Is Not Physical

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    • We sure do and the physical we learn to deal with easier. It is our innerselves…and those that do things that trigger us to the point we wonder why we are doing it that sabatage what we are doing.

  2. I have to do things and even when I hurt. I do find after so much I have to quit as the pain is too much but yes I do feel the feeling I did it and will continue as soon as I recover. You are a inspiration to many ty God Bless love you Dar

  3. I confess that I replayed the video and attempted to do a little two-step with it. It wasn’t much, and it sure wasn’t pretty – but I made myself giggle. LOL. It’s hard not to look back on the days when I could whirl around the dance floor all evening without even having to sit down once – but today, I enjoyed trying this out. Now I need a nap, hehehe. Thank you, Deb, for picking up my spirits yet again. ~ Julie xox

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