Happy Easter Moon

From over a foot of snow to no snow in less than a week. We sure did need the moisture and while all around the state is in fire alert, we are not for a change thanks to the snow. Son helped me outside to see the moon and it was a brilliant moon. Son is so sweet. He puts his arm around me to help balance me so I can use one hand to take the pictures.

Just remember that the same moon that shines down on me, shines down on all of you and all your loved ones. I told a dear friend last nite to go look at the moon and know that I was on the other side of the country looking at the same moon.

Now I don’t know about pink moon but it sure was a gorgeous moon. Oh it was breathtaking and so big it felt like you could reach out and touch it.

And now if I can figure out what this is, I will be happy. I zoomed in on the brightest star in the sky and this is what it gave me. I asked son if this was another planet up there.

Before Sunset last night, a jet flew across the sky leaving a trail. I zoomed in on the jet and got this. Amazing that it is so high and yet you can see the jet.


Misty has become such a rotten bird. She loves and I mean LOVES her radio and now she actually lets me get up close to the cage and take pictures.

I can not believe that it is Easter time already. I am a person of great faith and believe in life beyond this world. I am a person that wants my actions to speak for me. I can say I am a Christian all day but if my actions are not saying it, then the message does not come across.  Son bought a ham yesterday to cook for Easter dinner. It will be so nice.  I wish Son and family were still here to share but we will share with them in spirit.

I want to thank you all for coming to my blog and following it and most of all for the kind words you have said about me. Respect and honor are two things I value highly for if you don’t have those in your life, then nothing you do is is worthy. Many people don’t care and live without having respect of themselves but I believe that the Creator who made us….if we truly respect and honor Him…then we will respect and honor ourselves.

I wish you all a blessed weekend and hope that you make many joyous memories to fill your memory banks for those times when you need lifting.

image from syailah.blogspot.com

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter Moon

  1. I was outside looking at that same moon at 2 AM with a dog who is perhaps part werewolf as she felt no need to sleep til 4 AM! Have a joyful holiday weekend my friend!

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