The River Of Life

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I love this video for it does two things. It talks about how life and dreams are like a river…..they keep flowing if we let them. And it shows the love of someone for their family…also an important part of life. I believe we have to keep moving for life to keep flowing. We have to keep dreaming because the dreams will carry on. Just because we don’t get them answered today, dreams do come true. Remember it took us starting in 2005 to plan to move to Colorado and we did not arrive where we wanted until a year go. We got to Colorado but we did not get to the small town area we wanted until this time last year. It was a lot of hard work and time but oh was it worth it.

In this day and time of everything “instant”, it is hard for people to want to wait on their dreams. I hear people talking about wanting what their parents worked a life time to achieve. Some have even killed to get it. They don’t stop to think that it was their parents dream and they worked all their lives to arrive there. They want it now and don’t want to work for it. Somehow they have lost that ability to dream and to work for a dream.

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I believe dreams keep our river of life alive and fill us with hope if we allow it. But, we can’t sit still and allow our lives to stagnate. Have you ever seen what stagnant water looks like?  All sorts of trash and debri in there and the water becomes poisonous. That is what we do to our lives if we don’t keep moving and striving to live. We let other things in our lives that bring us down instead of the fresh, clean revitalizing water of life that comes with moving.

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Life is like a river. The beautiful clean and vibrant water keeps flowing…never ending. But, along the sides are little inlets of stagnant water just like real life. There are people who keep dreaming and keep working and embracing life and along the way are people who just shut themselves off and refuse to grow…to evolve and to become. No, it is not an easy battle but the outcome is so much better than just sitting still. Yes, there are bumps along the way just like the river flowing over rocks but we can move past them….just like the water does.

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I love the visual that water is alive and free for that is how I feel even with my health issues. My heart…my spirit are free and I soar through the clouds and wade in the waters and I enjoy life. Yes, I had to adapt to do that and sometimes it is all visually and through my senses but it is still beautiful. I am not sure why my senses are so strong. Maybe because I am hearing impaired and so pick up with my other senses. I can hear if you are close and I see your face…just impaired if you are not in front of me and close. I learned to make myself smell foods when I visualized them, to hear sounds when I saw a picture…learning to combine my senses.

Don’t dam your river of life up. Allow it to run free and experience all of life. The rough times will only make you appreciate the good times all that much more. Share your life with those around you and put your rivers together for in number the river becomes stronger and gives you a life-preserver to hang on to when the river gets a little rough. But most of all, don’t stop moving.

2 thoughts on “The River Of Life

  1. I am glad while and after reading the post above which I can relate with. I would like also to share my opinion – As time progresses, you’ll see what functioning towards your dreams can assist you to realize. You are going to feel the benefits and abundance each and every step of the way. As you discover the exhilaration that comes from working towards your goals you will possess a new found faith in yourself that you simply never had before. You will have hope once again, and that hope will direct you to even greater results than you had before. Having said that, before you can start accomplishing everything you set out for yourself, you ought to first determine what your life’s dreams really are. You ought to sit and take into account what’s hugely important to you and what it is you hope to be like in the foreseeable future.

  2. You always can turn the way of life into good no matter what but I have been on the very diffiicult side of life when
    younger and had a dream to come back home and things did take time but happened. I am here and enjoy where I live. Health issues too but do what I can. So glad you write it works wonders for you and all of us. Ty

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