A Slow Moving Rambling Morning

Woke up to son telling me it snowed.  The weather says snow on and off all day and tonight. Son always teases me and says I need to take my “Think Snow” sign off the wall. Maybe later I can get some pictures and if I can’t, will try to get son to. I am in typical start of my day here which means I have on the low light across the room and took meds and am trying to distract myself while they take effect. Sometimes that is visiting my mountains that are on my monitor screen savers. Sometimes it is turning on a funny show like Laverne and Shirley and just easing myself into the day and sometimes just rambling to you all.

Easing into my day. Dear friends in FL sent me these lights to make my day start with a glow. 🙂

Poor Wonder Dog was up with the tummy ache last nite. Now let me tell you, giving that dog Pepto Bismol is no easy task. You either end up looking like you have the measles because he spit it on you or he gives you the duck head and rumble growl that says “I am not opening my mouth”.  Son and I got desperate and so finally put it in some chicken broth. He eyeballed that pink chicken broth and took one sip and then turned around and looked at me sitting on the kitchen stool and gave me “THE LOOK”.  You know, the one that says “you are not fooling me”.  But, he did finally eat it and settled back down to bed. He is too smart when it comes to taking meds. I used every invention I knew when he was sick once before ranging from putting margarine on it and shoving it down his throat to wrapping it in a piece of cheese. You could only do one thing before he was smart enough that he knew it was a pill the next time. So, we became very inventive.

The wind was blowing so hard last nite that we could hear the chimes inside. Son had to go take them down for it sounded like having church bells inside your bedroom. Our poor neighbors.  I am sure were relieved. 🙂  Fortunately, we already had stuff tied down or put up so that the wind would not carry it off. I could not believe it when son told me that the birds were out there battling the wind to eat at the feeders. I am still amazed that birds are here all winter as I was used to back east and the birds heading south for the winter. The cold does not seem to bother the ones that stay here. I think it was Ann who told me that these birds are really ones that headed south from Canada and the very northern parts of the US. So, maybe this is warmer to them.

My heart hurts for son here. His insurance co-pay for a CAT scan on his lower spine is several hundred dollars and not feasible now and yet he needs it really badly. He has the same genetic problem as me with the spine only not as bad as mine has gotten now. He is at the point I was at in my early 40’s and right now is wearing a brace all the time as the pain really gets to him. He said his pain and the pain in his legs was so bad that he can’t do his walking on the glider walker like he was doing and sometimes he goes to bed in the middle of the afternoon because he is hurting so and is the only way he can get relief.. He has a lot of his mama’s spunk and fight but it still hurts me to see either of my kids have things I have. Why do medical things have to cost so much?  Sometimes I think regulating the prices hospitals can charge might be a good thing. This makes me sad as son made the choice to stay home and take care of me and take a very small salary from the Long Term Program I am on. I guess you could say it makes me feel guilty for I don’t want him to progress to where I am and yet if they can’t see the spine, they can’ offer him treatment options.

I wish you could hear him snoring. LOL

As you can tell, I am just rambling from one subject to the next. 🙂   Son brought me coffee and my brain is starting to wake up now.  Wonder dog is snuggled deep in his bed with his covers on him and nothing showing but his nose and you can hear that hum of his snoring.  And son is back in his comfy desk chair that seems to help his back and sipping his coffee reading his news on the internet. And the light from the sliding glass door is shining into my room. And I am easing into the day. Here is hoping you all are having a great start to your morning and that the sun is at least shining inside your house and hopefully on the outside too. One nice thing is that this weather here will be gone soon in a couple of days and the snow all melted and the sun shining once again. Until then, I will create my sunshine inside.  Today sounds like a good movie day. Anyone got any good suggestions? 🙂

Jack from my door

One thought on “A Slow Moving Rambling Morning

  1. I am sorry your son has these same problems and such pain too. Do they not give him medical coverage. They should.
    We had rain last night and early this morning then a trace of snow here and much more elsewhere in Minnesota.

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