I Can Only Imagine

This video never fails to bring tears to my eyes. What a magnificent man and his love for his son.  It makes me think of my son here who has given of his life to take care of me…..who has told his brother back east not to worry…that if he gets down, he will take care of him too….of my son here who suffers daily with pain from his spine and yet he keeps on.  It makes me think of my son back east who pushes himself to the brink to make sure he can take care of his daughter and wife. I think of my son back east who works long hours, spends hours ensuring that his daughter is safe and can be all that she can be…who takes care of his wife and loves them both so dearly. He is such a wonderful father. Both of my sons inspire me in their strength and their determination to take care of those they love and their determination to work. Someone said to me not long ago…well I can’t do what you do or your sons do and my reply was  “why not?  We are all capable”.

“Whatever you think you CAN or CAN”T DO…..you will be right”

If you think you can’t, you will never try. And if you think you can…..you will find that your resilience and strength are greater than  you think. And yet, many are content to just sit back and take when so many who are struggling to push to prove they can.

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As I watched this video with tears in my eyes, I thought about my sons and about son here telling me not to worry if I get where I can’t get up….that he will get a dolly and put a chair on it and wheel me around. Now many may find that funny but what it was for me was the knowledge that my son was willing to sacrifice so that I could feel movement….so that I could be part of the world. He truly understands what that means.

I loved what the man’s son told his dad about what it felt like when they ran….he in that special chair his Dad pushed and the Dad running. The son said “when we were running, it felt like I wasn’t disabled anymore!”  That is what it feels like in my power chair …like I am running and free.

Sadly, due to a glitch in the Medicare system, no one out here will fix my chair because they didn’t sell it to me.  For someone who can’t get up and go that is the most wonderful feeling in the world…to feel like you are running, the wind blowing through your hair and to have that taken away is devastating.

This man in the video is a hero….especially to his son.   My son’s are heroes to me. I listen to my son back east as he is at horse shows so his daughter can compete or working long hours at work and he is so exhausted he can barely go and yet out of love….he puts her first and pushes himself hard to keep going and doing. I look at my son here who pushes hard to keep taking care of me…who has given up just to take care of me and yet says he wants to and does not mind.  They are heroes to me.  These are my heroes…….my sons.


We all have the potential to be heroes …..a wonderful role model…to someone. We also have the potential to be a bad role model to someone by our actions or non-actions. It is up to us. I push hard…because I believe we are put in this world to do our best, to help others and to be heroes in our own little corner. Son here tells me I am a heroe because he sees me battle the pain and health issues I do and says he doesn’t know how I do it. That is enough for me. But, I will never quit trying, never give up. We only pass through this world once and I believe we should make the best of it.

“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good
therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can
show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me
not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this
way again.”

Can you imagine what this world would be like if everyone strove to be a hero to someone. Can you imagine if people began to think of others instead of themselves?  Can you imagine what it would be like to see the world filled with harmony and love?  Can you imagine if people started reaching out to others with love?  I can.

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“To the world you may be  just one person, but to one person you may be the world.

So, reach out and be a hero to someone and lift someone up. In doing so…you will lift yourself.

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6 thoughts on “I Can Only Imagine

  1. I remember the story of the man you feature today and his dad, their race and his efforts of making sure that his dad who is his hero was right there for the swim, the ride, the everything… Yes it is amazing what was done, a father and his son… the effort, the desire, the want… and yes, a hero… just as you and C.J. and it is interesting to me… perhaps that this blog was so personal and so very moving there are no comments, no words to describe the remarkable feelings that many who like or read, but cannot find the words to say all that is in the hearts. Many probably cannot imagine the sacrifices a son would give up, to care for a Dad, a Mom, a brother or sister; to put their lives, desires, wants and needs in the back seat, or not to do what they want… for the love of another to take precedence and be the most valued thing/person to inspire them to such greatness by their sacrifice and selfless love. YES, I do know that your CJ is a hero… an unsung hero, who is probably flawed with those times of irritations secondary to the tasks of caregiving, the worries of is he enough, can he do it while in such pain himself, will he be enough, what will he ever do without you in his life, or can he rise to the moment if the moment needs him to???? so many questions, but much more love than most will ever know is between the two of you… you both give so freely of the love, the unconditional positive regard and share it so openly for the world to become each of us better individuals that as you said, “are capable” to do as much if not more for another, or to extend a hand to each of you gladly…
    Oh I could just go on from this blog today, but I will stop now and just say: the Creator blessed you with sons that love deeply, care muchly and I know it was the result of the love you have given them, the blessings you bestowed upon them and in turn Cj is here for and with you now… allow him to be all that he is, and enjoy each breath, each morning as the sun shines on your mountains and each laugh that fills the kitchen as you guide him to make the best bisquits ever… YOU are richly blessed to know the love of a son and he a mothers love…
    Thank you for sharing this powerful post and video with the world. (NOt that I ever want to see you on a dolly, but I have a visual of a segway turned loose or controlled by remote… heaven help that town when you in a red leg brace are on the road)*…. and he is at the control central!!! LOL

    • oh sherry, you brought tears to my eyes and then made me laugh. I could just see my going through town like a remote control car with son controlling. ROFLMAO.. Thank you from my heart friend.

      • had to leave u with a smile as I visualized u on a high tech dolly with CJ at the remote… whoaaaaa c’mer jack and help me (as u tear across the roads… glad to have taken u from tears to a grin friend… “see that mountain? MOVE IT… Standing by you!

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