What Inspires?

I was asked what inspires me. I thought about that all day because inspiration comes in many forms. So for me, I thought about what “inspire” means. So, I looked it up.

Inspire: Verb:

  1. Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: “his enthusiasm inspired them”.
  2. Create (a feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person: “inspire confidence”.

To fill me with confidence to do something for me means to inspire me to keep working and fighting in spite of the health issues I have. Some people languish in their ill-health, others use their health to get things and some people inspire and make you want to do more. It is the ones that inspire us to do more we should keep close to us and listen to.

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And so I realized that the major thing that inspires me is people who are survivors and who really fight and do the very best they can regardless of their problems, tragedies,  health problems or whatever. I have people in my life that inspire me greatly. Some give of their hearts and time to fight for people mistreated like Jueseppi here, some are great advocates for the protection of animals like my friend Jill, some are inspirational and work daily like my friend Sassy does to inspire those with health problems or who suffer with compassion fatigue to take care of themselves and to keep going and some are actual caretakers giving of themselves and are struggling with chronic health issues but keep fighting like a warrior  like my sons or Laura who has MS and struggles to work and who fights daily to create awareness for MS. All of these are people who step up to the plate and do what has to be done and do not depend on others to do it for them. And they are a shining light and keep going without burning out.

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People like this inspire me to not let my illnesses or the chronic pain pull me down and just wallow in it. They inspire me and show me that no matter what I am feeling, that I can do and keep going. They are heroes to me.They inspire me to keep dreaming and keep trying. When I want to lay my head down and say “I can not do this anymore”, I look at them and see how hard they work and how they do not let themselves quit or give up.  And I in turn tell myself to keep fighting because of them. We can sit and say “oh, I can not do that. I am not as strong as them”, but the truth of the matter is we are just as strong as we want to be. Just think about it. If it is something you REALLY want….you will put forth the fight and effort. And either you really want to be strong or you choose not to be. It is all about choice.

image from http://www.funxone.com

When I get overwhelmed with all that I have going on physically, I watch shows of people who are suffering with horrible diseases and disabilities and it makes me see that there are always people worse off than I am, who suffer more than I do. And it puts things into perspective for me. And it reminds me to never EVER settle for less than my all. I realize that some people are willing to sit back and not do their all but for me….I can not do that. I want to inspire others. I want people to see that I do my all and maybe one day they will say “you inspired me to keep going”.  I want my sons and my grand baby to see that I give my all for the same reasons.

image from http://www.directyourownlife.wordpress.com

I guess that I just want to live my life so that when I do leave this world, I do not have too many regrets. I do not want to regret my actions after it is too late to change them. I do not want to regret my not acting when I should have after it is too late. I do not want to look back and say I wish I had done things differently. I do not want to do anything that is against what I believe in and not to anything to make it right and sit and wait until it is too late. It is easy to make excuses for why I might have done this or that or why I did not do this or that but if I look within my heart and listen, I will always know the real reason and that is when I have to decide can I live with my behavior or do I need to go back and made amends or change things. And if your heart is one of integrity…you will know the answer.

We are all role models whether we want to be or not…for someone in our lives or someone who sees us and we have never met but they follow what we do. I want to be an inspiring role model. I want to lift people up and help them see that they can make it through with honesty and integrity and that they will get through the rough times. And I thank those who do this daily….those who are working hard and doing for others and inspiring me and others and do not even realize it. It is not just determination and fight that you inspire us to do, it is doing for others, being authentic and filled with integrity and honesty, it is being in pain and yet you do not let that hold you back. It is so many things. And all I can say is:

image by http://www.veeimportant.tumblr.com

5 thoughts on “What Inspires?

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  2. oh Sophie, what sweet words. Yes we do all need something to keep us inspired to get out there and try. My life is so filled with love and joy and laughter….yes and pain and sickness but I prefer to focus on the joyful things. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad that you’ve been thinking about it. I agree with Sherry that you serve as an inspiration. We all need to be inspired and we’re forever grateful to those who succeed in this. Keep up the struggle and continue inspiring as many as you can; it will enrich your life too.

  4. YOU my dear are an inspiration to so very many.. and I thank YOU for all that you are … a shining light and a beacon of hope to those who only need open their eyes to the endless possibilites that are theirs for the taking… see that mountain you love so? You move it each day through the struggle as you show so many how to either ; move it, climb it, go round it, or through it. and I admire your courage, your strength, and abiliites, i have on my shades dear friend, cos’ you outshine the sun…

    • Oh Sherry…you are too kind to me. I try and I want others to see that they can try to. I think many hold back out of fear but if you never try, you will never know. Thank you for your sweet words. Hugs my friend.

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