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The first thing on my list of this and that is our mouths. Some people think it is ok to say anything you want to anyone. After all, they will say, we have freedom of speech. Freedom of speech comes with responsibility and accountability. If you are saying hateful things to another person, then be responsible and accountable for what you say. It is not ok to demean another or attack another or name call. Besides that this is very childish, it is also very destructive.

Now, I do not let people upset me with comments because I figure anyone that says hateful things to someone disabled or to anyone for that matter, has some serious mental issues. And now, to tell you where this came from. I had someone ask me in a very snide way, why I did not just consider euthanasia since I had so many health problems. I just shook my head and replied “no,  I have never considered that in spite of all my problems because evidentially, even with all the health problems I have….my life is a LOT happier than yours”.  But afterwards, I thought about how someone could say something so ugly and how, if it were a person having a really hard time, this person could put them over the edge. And yet, there is a mentality with some people who just go from site to site looking for people to attack and demean.

And now, on to more pleasant thoughts. 🙂 I had to go to the doctor today and on the way home, my son took a detour and took me for a ride down this country road and we came across something that looks like what you would see on the Discovery channel with a bunch of archaeologists out there digging for artifacts. It is the ruins of an old town. I got lots of pictures but want so badly to know what it used to be. I will be posting them later after I take a little rest as I have to process and re-size them.

Now, a little Wonderdog time. He says it is just too cold today. We have not reached fifty and I am in my long johns cause I am chilled to the bone even though the house is not really cold. Jack is out there under his covers with his Scooby doo pillow. 🙂

And last, but definitely NOT least, I received an early birthday present from some wonderful friends. They know of my dream to return to Italy and so they sent me three DVD’s so that I could virtually return to Italy any time I wanted. Thank you ladies from my heart. You are so sweet. When people take the time to do something that they know really means a lot to you, and especially when you have health issues and can not get around much, it means the world.

And now, my trip to the doctor and my little ride and picture taking have worn me out and I am going to bed. Hope you all are having a great Friday. 🙂

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  1. Hi Deb, There are people like you say who are not nice people. Then there are people like your friends who send you things like these videos. That is super. I can’t wait to see the pictures you took today that is really something. Happy Birthday too. Jack is the sweetest boy ever. Love Dar

    Comment by Darlene | May 11, 2012 | Reply

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