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Happy Mother’s Day To All

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, whether you are a mother of children, a mother who has lost her child, an aunt or person who acts as a mother to someone, a mother with children still here, a father who must be both mother and father or someone who is a “mother” to her four leggeds or pets. I pray your day is very special and that you know how much you are loved.

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And this is a special video I saw that goes to show that no matter the language, a love for a mother comes through. This little boy lost his mother when he was 8 and he is singing about her now. They are talking at first as it is China Has Talent show, so you may want to move the bar over til the music starts. This one has English subtitles.

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  2. Wow so powerful!

    Comment by jennysserendipity | May 13, 2012 | Reply

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