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I was watching a show just now and they were working with couples with problems. One statement made stuck in my head and I have laid here rolling it around thinking about it. The statement was:

“We want others to love us the same way we love others”

Now, think about it for a minute. We each love in a certain way. We talk, touch, do things for the ones we love in a specific way that is our own signature.   So, when we feel unloved….is it because the other person is not loving us….or are they not loving us in the same way we love them? Maybe they are loving us in the only way they know how but we are wanting it to be how we love others.

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Differences in how we love others and how people want to be loved probably account for most of the hurt feelings and fights people have. I am sure you have heard people say “I poured my heart and soul out on them and they did not love me in return”.  But, was it that the other person did not love them or they did not love them how the person wanted to be loved?  Maybe we set this standard in our hearts of how loving someone should be and that is how we carry it out but not everyone shows their love in the same way..

This leads me to the speculation that if we want to make someone happy, we should watch how they love others and see what they put into loving others for that will tell us how they want to be loved in return. Some people are very physical and huggy with love…no matter whether it is loving a spouse or a friend or a child or whomever. Some people are not the hugging kind. Some people listen attentively and pay attention to those they love. Others seem to only hear half way.  Some buy lavish gifts while others give time or homemade gifts. Some support others in their endeavors while others just watch from a distance. Some take their loved ones out all the time, others are content to sit at home with them. And maybe if we all can learn to love some people in just a little different way, then they would feel that love we are bestowing.

Love…very complicated but is it really? If we just pay attention and watch those around us we will see what it is they truly want in their hearts as love. And you know, some people have a knack for that already. They pay attention, listen and pick up on the things another says and does and they try to find and do things they think will really make the other person happy.

Love-the most precious of gifts and the one that costs us nothing but giving of ourselves. And while we are watching others and seeing how they love other people, pay attention to yourself and see how you love others and remember to love yourself in the same way.

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  1. LOVE… we are all born with unconditional love… all the rest is “learned” behaviors and often not from the best teachers or experiences… LOVE much, live well and laugh more than often (even at yourself) blessings and love to you dear heart.

    Comment by Dr Sherry | May 16, 2012 | Reply

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