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Can’t sleep and so am rambling here. Have a doctor appointment in the morning early with the specialist to see if surgery is feasible. So, my mind is rambling too. I think I should have been made with Velcro. 🙂  Not to worry, I have my mojo on. 🙂

So as I lay here in rambling rose mode, I thought I would share a quote I just read. I love it for it reminds me of a quote my friend Sherry says often….which is stand up for what is right and what you believe in. You may stand alone but at least you are standing for something.

“The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority”
Ralph W. Sockman

I admire people who stand up for what they believe in and are not afraid to stand alone to fight for what is right. It does take courage. Even if I do not agree with how they stand up, I admire that they took the courage to do it. It goes back to my post earlier about if you are complacent, then you are complicit.

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As I think about our country and this being an election year, I encourage everyone to get out and vote. I am not a “party” person but vote for the person. I like to look at the candidates individually. I also like to look at them realistically and think about can they really do what they say they will do for us. Track records are not too good on all fronts right now. But, regardless…if you are complacent and do not vote, then you are complicit to what happens in office after the election.

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Never be afraid to stand up for what is right, even if others think you are wrong. People suffer when we do not. You may not change the whole world, but you may change it for one person or save them from harm. If we fail to stand up for what is right, I truly believe part of us starts to die inside until it gets to the point that we lose the ability to choose what is right anymore. We become accustomed to our own silence. I just believe that if I stand up for what is right, then maybe someone will stand up for what is right for me.

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You can call it what ever…but complacency is taking the safe way out. And when we do that, the only person we are protecting is ourselves. I hear people say they wish they could stand up and do what others do…and the truth is they could. But, they are afraid to take the consequences. And sometimes the consequences are people get mad when you stand up for what is right. They get mad,  not because you are wrong but because they must face the fact that they know you are right and it makes them uncomfortable because they are taking the safe way out.

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I live by my values and for me, that means if I feel what someone is doing is wrong, then I stand up about it. When we play safe, we may let many innocent people be hurt. Complacency makes us complicit.

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  1. Will be thinking about you today. Hope it goes well. I know just getting there is a struggle. Pray for you to have strength and continued courage.

    Comment by Ann | May 18, 2012 | Reply

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