As Long As We Have Breath

Hope is something we all need to survive. Without hope, life becomes desolate. Hope comes in many forms. “Hope you have a good day” to “Hope that this or that happens”  that we dream of.  And hope is what makes us try again and again.

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As long as we have breath, there is hope. As long as we are alive, there is always hope. We may get so down at times that we do not see it, but it is hope that will lift us up and make us go again. Sometimes it is people who give us that feeling of hope. Other times it is an event and sometimes it is just what we feel in our hearts that this can not be the end of our dream or desire.

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I think we all have hopes and dreams. For me personally, I believe hopes and dreams have to do with honesty and ethics. This does not mean that good things do not come to bad people for they do. People lie, manipulate and steal to get what they want but in the end….they will be held accountable. And even sadder is that they will be the very ones saying “oh, those people are horrible”  about people who lie, steal and manipulate….no moral compass. But, I believe that when we do things honestly and ethically, our dreams do see fruition. And not only that, we have a clean conscience. We do not have to look over our shoulders the rest of our lives wondering if someone is going to catch us.

Opening our hearts to dreaming, believing in hope and believing our dreams will come true makes our lives so much brighter. It opens our lives for many wonderful things and the biggest ones are joy and peace of mind. As long as we have breath…..we have hope.

One of the hardest things to do when dreaming is to have patience. I think this is why many people choose to take shortcuts and cheat the system. Sometimes dreams take time. Look at son and I. We started in 2004 and are here now and I can tell you that the wait was worth the dream. Sometimes, I think it is the Lord waiting on us to change and grow and learn how to love and live life.

Sometimes I grew weary on this journey and sometimes I felt ready to give up. But that little thing called hope lurks in my heart and will not let me. I knew that as long as I was breathing…that was hope I would get here and I feel that way about my dreams I have now. I believe that I will get to paint my fence in the back yard with the nature scene like I want. Yes, I will have to lay on the padded platform that son is making me so that I can do it. But I have hope that I will see it finished before I leave here.

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It always makes me sad to hear people say “I have no hope” for as long as we are breathing, there is hope. It is only when we leave this world that the hope of what we want to do here ends. This is where Faith comes in. Faith and Hope go hand in hand. Without faith, we can do nothing either. If we did not have faith that we could walk, we would not attempt it. If we did not have faith that we could raise children, we would never have them. We hope for things and then we have faith that they will happen. But it comes in steps.

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This is where my beliefs lie. If you have Faith, Hope and Charity, life will move forward with much joy.  Hope for what we want…..Faith that it will be there….and Charity for others…what we give out comes back then fold. I believe and have seen that. Be it good or bad, honest or dishonest, moral or immoral, legal or illegal.

Take stock of today and keep your eyes going forward to the future. The past is something we can neither change nor go back to. We can make amends for the things from the past and try to do what is right for the present and Hope for the future.

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This is why I believe in living like this is my last day on earth. I try to make sure that I have taken care of things so that I have as few regrets as possible. When you think about not being here anymore, it makes each breath, each word, each action, each thought…that much more important.  And it makes each person that much more important. And it makes the desire of all that money can buy less and less important.

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4 thoughts on “As Long As We Have Breath

  1. Beautifully written,”Hope” is the thing with feathers—
    That perches in the soul—
    And sings the tune without the words—
    And never stops—at all—Emily Dickinson

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