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Laying here easing into the morning. Took my pain med and waiting on that first smell of coffee to hit and it just did. Ohhh I love that smell.  To a friend back east who sent me special coffee and baklava for the holidays …we have used it as a treat and are just now finishing the bag. Each time I smell this coffee I think of you and how sweet you are and this morning is no exception as I smell that wonderful coffee aroma filling my room. I am so blessed by my friends. I have them from all over the world and each one is dear to me.  There comes a point in our lives when we start to realize what real friends are and treasure them even more for their authenticity and honesty.

The room is still dim as my window is covered in reflective insulation and shrink wrapped to keep any dust or heat from coming through. So even when the sun is shining outside, it is still dark in here without all my lovely lights. I have these beautiful strands that hang in the far corner that I turn on with my remote as I ease into my day. A gift from two other friends back east. What is dear to me about my friends is they think about me and do things to help me feel better. Much thought is put into their gifts.  That is how I am. When I send something to someone, it is because I have put great thought into it and know it is something that will help the other person or will uplift them or something they really want.

I belong to a group for the chronically ill and I love that group for one thing I find with those that are truly chronically ill, they do not play the games of the “wanna be ill” people as I call them that you see on Facebook. Some of you may recognize what I am talking about. The “wanna be ill” people are those that want to say they are ill but do not want to actually be so ill that it keeps them from going and doing whatever they want. They will tell you how bad they are or that they have this horrible flu, etc and yes two hours later on their Facebook pages you will see them posting pictures of them out at the local pool or shopping in the mall. No matter what is wrong with you, they will say they have it too. I do not see that in this group that I have been in for a while. The people there are true warriors fighting to live with chronic debilitating illnesses that often keeps them almost totally housebound and often bed bound like me. And yet, what beautiful people they are. They are inspiring to me for in spite of the pain they live with,  very seldom do you hear them complain. They are cheerful people and I do not mean the silly stuff where a constant joke is made all the time and sounds fake…I mean true sincere people. Many are trying to help others with their illnesses and even from the hospital will post to encourage others to keep going and not give up.

I have realized through the years of being disabled and so sick that sincerity is one of the traits that is missing so much in today”s society. Seems like so many do not even know what it means. They are not sincere in what they call friendships, they are not sincere in their words or actions and when someone is not sincere…trust is impossible. I look back at the changes from when I was a child to now and the world has changed so drastically and I truly believe people are so lost because there seems to be so little training on values, on honesty, on ethics, and on proper behavior. Have you ever noticed on tv and shows how many people do not know the appropriate way to respond or act in certain situations? For example, look at America’s Funniest Videos and see how many people send in videos of people being hurt…falling, getting hit in the head, terrified kids in whirlpools being thrown around in the tub and the mother is laughing hysterically in the background as she is filming it while her child has pure fear on his face. Somewhere they did not learn that something is not funny unless both people are laughing. It is like some people will show the opposite emotion for a situation than the situation calls for.

I look at the children today who are already caught up in the social media things early and learning those traits that used to be generated from parents teaching their children the appropriate way to act. We can not be our child’s friend…we must be their parent. That is a hard job but if we try to be their buddy, then we condone behavior that as a parent we might not. I look at my granddaughter and am so thankful that her daddy is such a great parent. He really spends time with her and he makes her be accountable. He also, with all his health issues, works hard to provide for his family. Both of my sons learned the value of hard work early on. I taught them both how to cook, clean, do laundry, sew and other things for I did not want them to be a leech on someone or on society when they got older so that they had someone taking care of them. I wanted them to be self-sufficient.

Do you all have people who inspire you?  Can you think what it is about them that does inspire you?  I look at people like my sons and Laura and others like them that have self-pride and because of that self-pride , they work hard and take care of themselves even though they have chronic health problems. (and now my brain is racing on thoughts for a new blog post on self-pride)  I look at those in my chronically ill group and see these people who you know are suffering and they keep going. One woman has severe Lupus and is in horrible shape and yet she keeps pushing forward. She is on chemo now for the Lupus and she still pushes herself to get up and do things around the house. Her motto seems to be keep pushing through it. I have friends that are not chronically ill and are some of the most beautiful and caring people I ever met and have such ethics that you can not help but admire them. I think it is the fact that all of these people are inspirational for me because they are not self absorbed, they reach out to do and push hard to take care of themselves and yet they are always reaching out to help others. I believe that what we give out comes back ten fold. This does not mean that bad people do not get good things. Even the Bible tells us the evil will prosper in the latter days.  It simply means that those that do good will keep getting good in return. There is no fear for them that someone will find them out and people learn that they are not genuine because they are genuine.

I always wished I owned a huge resort or even a small town where places could be fixed for those with chronic illness could come ….and they could come and live in peace and harmony. When I was younger I always wanted a huge house with places for so many of these kids that are in the foster system with no parent to guide them. Someone asked me once what I would do if I won the lottery and I said a big part would go to help others. They thought I was nuts but I think the greatest joy in the world is helping someone else.

Well, I think the coffee is ready. Jack has just come in to let me know son is up and I hear son at the coffee pot. And morning is here and I am finally sitting up. 🙂  It might take me a while but I get there. Tomorrow is doctor day first thing in the morning. From there, it will be neurologist, pulmonologist and cardiologist time. And a check on those kidney tumors as they are still holding me in jeopardy. I am praying that very soon they will be taken care of. The biggie right now is determining if the falls are from the seizure disorder and being checked on the pulmonary fibrosis.

And so, I am going to sit up here…sip my coffee and read on the internet and enjoy my morning. It is also Cheerios time. My son is so thoughtful and I am so blessed. For me to carry a drink on my crutches, he found sealed drink containers that have a hoop where I can hold it with my finger and still hold on to my crutches and carry it myself to my room when he is not here. I can put my cereal and milk in one and carry it and the empty bowl to my little table here and eat my cereal. There is a lot to be said for independence. So, I bid good morning to you all. Hope your day is starting grand and filled with sunshine, love and family/family of choice. Life is good and it is what we make it. My is always filled with sunshine even when it is raining outside.


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  1. I’m so glad you have a good support group and a son who helps you keep what independence you can.

    Comment by Angela Young | June 15, 2012 | Reply

  2. You amaze me (in a good way)! =D

    Comment by daphneshadows | June 15, 2012 | Reply

  3. This is so inspirational, and I am filled with admiration for your courage, your independent nature, and your positive outlook. I try very hard to follow a similar path with my chronic illnesses – not always, but usually succeeding. I’m also basically a positive person; my glass is half full. I agree that in order to deal in a constructive way with all that life tends to throw at us, a very important attribute is NOT to be so self-absorbed that you ignore everything going on around you that is good. I know a few people like that, and have a very difficult time trying to communicate anything of importance to them (unless it’s about them, lol). Excellent post! Wishing you a wonderful day, love Julie xox

    Comment by Julie Catherine | June 14, 2012 | Reply

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