Zoom In On That Inner Glow

I love taking pictures. It is a hobby of mine. Have you ever noticed that with a camera you zoom in on what you want in the picture…on what you like and when you edit you try to cut out what was bad or what you did not like or want in the picture. And when you do not like the picture, you just take another one. Life is kind of like that. We can zoom in on things. The most important thing is to zoom in on the good things…the important things. If things are bad, change your focus and find something good.


Sometimes we can get so focused on the negative that we fail to see the good things in the overall picture. I think that this is when we forget that we control things and we control how we react. Sometimes we can get caught up in things and not realize that all we have to do is say no or leave. I have learned that it is not really as hard as I thought it would be to tell someone that I did not want to do this or that. And I found it easier than I thought to leave an event or place where I felt really uncomfortable. I think being sick made me realize that my moments are few and I do not want to waste them on things that I am not enjoying or do not like.

I have heard people say all the time how they wish things would just go calmly for a change. Reality is…this is life. There are no dress rehearsals and it is what it is.  Life may never calm down and go smoothly and so it is important to learn to live peacefully within the storm. Find that inner place of peace so that the storms can swirl around you but not ruin your day.

image from ripplemaker.hubpages.com

Have you ever noticed how resilient children are? They do not dwell on sad things or hold anger like adults do. It is only when we get older that we seem to hold on to emotional things instead of letting them go. To, me this says we are born with a glow inside us, a forgiving nature and an optimistic view of life. And this light inside us when we are little is what makes us endure all the things we do.

Some people have lost their light or it has dimmed so much that they can not see joy in the world or in life anymore and it shows on their faces with sadness and bitterness etched deep in their faces. Those that manage to keep their inner light glowing can be seen from a distance for the light reflects in all they do and say. It shows that their soul is in harmony with the outside of them just like the bright joyousness children have. Oh how we love to sit and watch them.

image from idlehearts.com

So, what do we do to revive our inner glow or to keep it burning brighter?  I think we have to learn to let go of things. Emotional things are like carrying loaded suitcases around with us all the time. They make us tired..exhausted…weary and serve no purpose. Holding on to anger, hatred, sadness and other negative emotions only keeps us feeling those emotions. I guess because of being so sick, I find that I can not keep those emotions in my life and find hatred to be a very waste of time.  Emotions that are negative come to an end and it is up to us to end them and let go of them. Even grieving must have an ending. I have lost loved ones but I can not walk around every day crying about them. I have to work through the loss and reach the point of accepting that they are gone. So, it is up to us to light our inner fire and to keep it burning. What are you carrying around that you have not let go of in a long time? Is it affecting the joy in your life?

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3 thoughts on “Zoom In On That Inner Glow

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  2. I have a problem letting go of regrets. Sometimes over the silliest things, too. But I always try to forgive and forget; but never forget the lesson learned. You should hold onto the lesson, not the pain.

    • So true Daphne. If we can take the lesson and release the pain we have come a long way. I think we all go through those “I wish I had done or said this or that” times..is that old hindsight is 20 20 thing. 🙂

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