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The Walls That People Can Build

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This is a wonderful quote from a friend’s page and I had to share it for many do not realize that they build walls.  One of the quickest ways to build walls around oneself is through lying and manipulating others. Every lie is like a cinder block that makes the wall go higher and higher.And soon, what happens is people find themselves in a world of people but very few that really care about them.  Lies wall you in because one lie takes another lie and people have to always be looking around or be careful of what they say and do because someone will find out the lie. I can not imagine living my life worrying that someone will find out that I was lying and learn the truth. That is why the wall is built to protect themselves and keeps people from really seeing them or from getting too close. People who manipulate and lie pick people because of what they can give them not because they want them really in their lives and so wall them off from them emotionally. It is the people who truly care about others that pick people because they love them and desire them in their lives and are the ones that  have opened their lives up to others.

Some people wall themselves off because they are afraid of being hurt. It is my philosophy that sometimes we will be hurt. People may say or do things to hurt us and we learn that some people are not real friends and did not really love us and that is alright. We will learn that sometimes people may hurt us but the buffer is all the ones that love us and care about us. It is all part of life and that by allowing people into our world, the good far out weighs the bad. I would rather have two or three true friends than all the fake ones in the world. How about you?

Another way that walls are built without people realizing it is when they have a one way friendship and that is when they are not really a friend but want others to be a friend to them. Friendship is both ways and sometimes people can forget that or they really do not know what friendship is because they have done it so long that they actually think they are being a friend. I learned that real friends, no matter how long between talking to them, pick up just as if no time had passed because there are no walls between us. Real friends are part of the foundation of your life…not the walls in your life.

It is amazing that the very people one might think has the most walls and is closed in are the home bound and sometimes it can be that way. Sometimes though, a person like me who is in a hospital bed most of the time has the least amount of walls there are because we open honestly and truly to people and we allow them into our world. I am truly blessed by so many that I know care about me and I care about them and it is because I do not put walls up to block people from the real me. It has been my experience that the ones who use illness to get attention and other things from people build walls around themselves because they are not being open and honest but rather using their illness. The wall is that they can not really show themselves because then people will know the truth. My illnesses are not me. They are something I have. I am the person inside the body but I have no problem with people seeing the real me and the shape I am in because I have not put a wall around me.

I have learned in my many years that if we are open and honest and compassionate and caring and truly care about others, we do not build walls.  We have allowed ourselves to be out in the world and let people in that truly care. We give of ourselves to others and we are not takers.  Life is too short and too precious to build my own walls and walls would keep me from the wonderful people I meet like all of you.

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  1. You have it right. I can’t stand lies ether or people who have things to hide. It don’t work to build a friendship. It only builds wall then

    Comment by Darlene | July 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. You have it the right way. It don’t work for when people do me wrong ether. I don’t like lies or someone who hides the truth. There are many ways for people to build walls lies are one and hiding who they are and what they are like is another.

    Comment by Anonymous | July 11, 2012 | Reply

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