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Can Love Build A Bridge?

I laid here today thinking about all the hate that seems to be in the world today. You can not go on the newspaper sites, on social media sites, any site without seeing it. Our world is being taken over with hate and anger…which accomplishes nothing. Only in calmness can we accomplish anything.

I do not call myself by any party name for I am ashamed of what I see in the politics of late. I call myself an American. We really have to stop being complacent and saying oh that is just how it is for it is not working. We need to make our leaders be accountable and we need to set the tone for what we as Americans accept and that is a tone of compassion and love and of caring about the people of this country. If we are cynical, filled with anger and hate, then we are teaching our children and those around us to be that way.

I think about our politicians..the senate..the congress…who has fought the President and yes, I do believe a lot of it is because of two things…he is a democrat and he is black.  And I think about our president…who has attacked back on the congress and the senate.  The constant fighting and bickering and no one is thinking about the people they represent. Who is standing for us anymore?  I can answer…no one.

I remember growing up in racially tense times in the sixties and remember hearing over and over…that only we could change the prejudice and anger by changing what we do and what we teach our children. I wonder…is it time that the American people start infusing love into this world and work to regain what we once had.

Part of this song below says “when we stand together it’s our finest hour” and how true that is. Look at what this country did after 9-11 when we came together as one.  Politicians put aside all the ugliness and joined with each other to help this country heal. People came together and there was none of this division for we were standing for our country…as one…not as this section and that section.

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But somewhere…along the way..the past few years…that has all changed and I see so many people who are so angry and filled with hate and only want for themselves. I hear comments mocking helping those in need, helping animals, helping people who are starving in other parts of the world.

So, I wonder…if we can replace the hate with love…bring back the love for our country and for each other..can we once again swing the tide back to a country that is “for the people”?  This is our country and in spite of all that is going on, I am proud to be an American. I love my country. I am ashamed of those running it and of all the fighting and bickering and racial tensions that I thought we left behind twenty years ago. Is it possible for Americans to take back the country and infuse love and respect for each other in the atmosphere? Can we repeat our “finest hour”?

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If you could take one step to help our country become more unified, what would it be?

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  1. Love the Judd’s!!

    Comment by ansuyo | July 27, 2012 | Reply

  2. It is very discouraging to see our country so divided. The middle ground has been whittled down to nothing. One party–you know which one I speak of– seems to have absolutely no interest in the common good of America and Americans, and the bottom line seems to be money and big business. They would rather see all of America sink than to allow our president succeed in any endeavor, large or small, even for the good of the people.

    It was a miracle that Obama was able to push through Healthcare, and they are still doing everything they can to sabotage it. You can judge a nation and its priorities by how it treats its young, its infirm, its elderly. I am ashamed that the wealthiest nation in the world should be so selfish. To fix all of our nation’s woes, all we would have to do is have everyone pay a fair share of taxes. GE didn’t pay a penny in taxes– ridiculous!–yet they are cutting education, social security, money for firefighting, police, medicare.

    I live comfortably, have excellent health care, and a decent income. But I don’t mind paying taxes because I was raised on social security by a widowed mother with seven children. We could never have made it after my dad died if we had not been able to look to the government for help. We have never paid such low tax rates–the Bush cuts that got us into this mess were only meant to be temporary. If they were to raise taxes only to what they used to be, that would put us on the road to a healthier economy. And if the uber rich pay their fare share, it will only be fare, as they made their fortunes because of opportunities, infrastructure and tax breaks and loop holes provided to them by the government.

    Comment by Naomi Baltuck | July 17, 2012 | Reply

    • I agree Naomi. And our country is way off course because of all this and we are headed for an even bigger crash I believe. And the politicians still do not get it.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | July 19, 2012 | Reply

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