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Everyone is amazed at how green and pretty our garden is. We do not use a sprinkler for we found that wastes a lot of water so son either stands and waters or he uses a soaker system so that the water is actually getting on the plants.

Remember last time the corn was up to his knees. Well take a look at this. This is the first corn we planted. We have some shorter as we had to replant some areas that did not sprout.

And we saw our first pumpkin today. 🙂   We have lots of zucchini and one of the tomato plants is a bush type tomato and oh my gosh it is loaded with baby tomatoes. We have blooms on our pie pumpkins too and on the watermelons, the yellow squash, the beans are loaded with blooms and the snap peas too. Son also decided Mama does know a few gardening tricks. We planted marigolds in the garden because they are good at deterring the bugs. 🙂

“And our gourds are coming along. I told son we needed one of those rolls of black plastic border that you push in the ground to help hold the dirt up. 🙂  They are planted on the back forty part of the back yard.

Son said the only thing that would make this better was if we lived beside his brother and they could do the gardens together and enjoy each others company.  Hmm  maybe another dream huh.

Son will tell you that this is the hardest work he has ever done and he works every day hours at a time to make this garden what it is. Back east, it was much easier for most anything grows and the dirt is not hard as a brick bat and so dry. I am so proud of both my sons. They are both hard workers and no one will ever be able to accuse them of living off of others. Regardless of his back issues, son is out there taking care of that garden and doing the things around here that need doing. He may have to rest in between but he does not give up. And my other son is the same way. He works hard to support his wife and sweetpea.

Son here says they learned it from me. I think that is about the nicest compliment they could have given me….to say that I taught them to be hard workers and to take care of themselves. And now for the shocker. I sat on a stool out there in the yard with my blue hat on and sunglasses and I pulled the weeks from the gourds and put the new miracle grow soil on them. Son kept asking me was I ok. I am whipped now but with a feeling of such satisfaction that I accomplished that. Now, son could have done it in fifteen minutes and it took me an hour and a half..but you know what…I did it!!  I sat out there with my oxygen backpack on and my sunblock and I slowly pulled the weeds and took a plastic measuring cup and poured cups and cups around those plants. Will I pay for it?  Oh yes and it will take me days again to get over it but I felt like I used to when I did all this gardening stuff myself..just for a few minutes. Nothing can beat that feeling.

And with a smile with tears in my eyes, I can tell you that I will never…NEVER stop dreaming. I may have a journey different than many but it is my journey and if I can do what a did today..and feel that feeling of accomplishment..just for a little while…then I have filled one dream.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Are you making compost too? The garden looks wonderful. We had a lot of rain again today. Series of thunderstorms. I can only do a bit at a time. Got my small yard mowed. Ten minutes each trip outside.

    Comment by Ann | July 21, 2012 | Reply

    • I would not have a garden if it were not for son. He is starting a compost project but this year we did not get one done. This is his first garden and with what I am teaching him ..and what he reads up on…he is learning and adjusting. I understand the small trips to do thing. Those gourds are like fifteen little plants and I thought I would never get it done.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | July 22, 2012 | Reply

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