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Not All Things Are Just For Children

There is so much wonderful advice for children out there but I have come to realize that it is not all just for children.  We adults could benefit from it too.  Below is one of my favorite poems and perhaps it explains how I taught school too for I had seen the good from this poem and also seen the bad that came from what our behavior can do to children and those around us. We are role models albeit reluctant ones at times.

Every one of these things above…if we blend them into our lives can make life so much happier and peaceful.  People ask me how I deal with all my health issues and how I keep such a positive attitude. Part is because I do not want to miss one moment of my time I have left on this earth and so I look for the positive and the good. The other part is in that box above. I believe in praising, accepting, tolerating, encouraging, being fair, being kind, and most of all treating others like I want to be treated. I also believe in honesty, ethics and integrity. I believe that most of the time we will find what we look for.

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My friend Sassy often says that when things seem so ugly and dark maybe we need to change our focus.  Some people focus only on the negative and the ugly side of life. When they look at people, they do not see the good things about them, they only see the negative. I do not listen to the news much or read the news online. Why?  Because there are some people who spend their lives attacking others on these things and making ugly comments instead of realizing that real people were hurt or killed. There is a family that has a son now that is a killer. How is that family dealing with that? How are they feeling?  I have not seen any news media or the ones that comment on the articles ask that question.

I believe that if we treat people fairly, honestly then we can get the same in return. Does that mean we never get used or mistreated? No, but it means that someone has to be the one to do the right thing and I want to be that one. It is like an argument where two loved ones are angry and will not talk. Neither one will admit to being wrong. Someone has to make the first step to heal that breach. There have been times I have apologized…not always because I was wrong (which I always apologize when I think I have wronged someone) but because I was sorry that the argument escalated to that point. I knew the other person was not going to do it and was too embarrassed to do it and someone had to. Why not me?

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People do not like to apologize because of pride. I hear comments all the time like “it will be a cold day in hell before I say I am sorry”  and friendships are ruined over one thing all because one person would not step up and do the right thing. What are we willing to lose because of pride?

So, back to the poem above. How can we expect children to do the things in that poem if we do not do them ourselves?  How can we expect them to treat others fairly if we are not fair in our treatment of others or of them? How can we expect children to have acceptance and tolerance if we are judgmental or prejudiced?  How can we expect children to not be cruel and make insulting comments if we do it ourselves. All these things are not just for the children but for us as adults.

We see what we look for. If you see a person in old ragged clothes, do you automatically assume they are just someone who is lazy and will not work?  I used to work at the soup kitchen and I met so many people who were unbelievable. Some were very intelligent people, some had experiences that I envy in, travels, etc, and a few..very few..were people who had no ambition. What did I see when I looked at all of them?  I saw good people in hard times. Why?  Because that is my choice to see the good in people not the negative.

Those people came to know the “crutch lady”  as they called me from my forearm crutches and would see me around town and come running up to me smiling and hugging me as if I were an old friend. When we give love…it comes back to us. What do you see when you look out?  Do you see only the bad?  Or do you see the good?

Let me tell you what I see when I look out into the world around me. Son and I sold it all and moved into a tiny little house that was in bad shape and we have worked to fix it up. No, it is not some expensive house but when I look around my house I see the most beautiful home in the world. I love my home. It is filled with love and life and things that give me wonderful memories. I look around my room and sigh with pure contentment because I love my room. To me, it is beautiful. I see my sons and my family/family of choice that fill my heart with love. I see the flowers and vegetables growing outside and the beautiful sun shining. I choose to see the good and I choose to see the positive and I choose to be happy. It is my choice. I can see nothing but sadness and sickness around me or I can see life and laughter and joy. My choice is life, laughter and joy. What about yours?

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  1. P.S. Happiness is most definitely a choice! I’m glad that you’ve chosen! 🙂

    Comment by SomerEmpress | August 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. Once a child, always a child. 🙂

    What was true is still true, whether we were children when we first received these beautiful nuggets of wisdom, or are now adults. Life changes, though change is constant. We live in an age that’s become increasingly dependent on technology that sometimes feels devoid of “real wisdom” or sage advice, and/or ingenious thinking. It’s refreshing to know that much of what was true pre-technology is still true! Thanks for the reminder.

    Comment by SomerEmpress | August 13, 2012 | Reply

    • I am glad you liked it. Sometimes I think not all progress is actually progress. 🙂

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | August 21, 2012 | Reply

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