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This morning I opened the patio door and saw two hummingbirds dart off from the feeders. As I watched them, I noticed they went and sat on the fence and just watched me. I think the nectar in the feeders was too much for them to just run away and they were waiting to see if I went back inside. I cracked the door and peeked out and they zoomed back to the feeders. Such pretty little things. One is a gold almost orange color, one is grayish but has hints of red and one is dark looking almost black.

So, we decided to sit outside and drink our coffee while it was still cool. It has been a while since I have done that and I enjoyed the few minutes sitting there and feeling the breeze and listening to the chimes…and most of all, watching the humming birds.

and a little video of one of my hummers. What a peaceful few minutes I had sitting on that patio.

Another surprise was that son was finally able to put up the copper plates that we have had since last summer to go behind the stove. He hopes one day to do the whole section of that wall in them but for right now, we had enough to go behind the stove. I just love the look it gives.

And I had to smile as we were sitting on our patio and son glanced over to the small garden section up at this end of the house and he jumped up and started leaning over the garden. I said..”what are you doing”  and he turned around with a smile that I swear covered his whole face and said “our first beans are in…we got green beans.”  as he turned around and kept picking. We are cooking some for supper tonight.  (edit:  and the green beans were GREAT….oh goodness I could eat a meal of just them.)

Today was one of those days I just could not take one more hurt…one more pain and so I enveloped myself with the beauty around me. I am still fighting for my renovations for my bathroom and ramp. The state approved it two months ago but getting the local Council of Government in Trinidad to send the contractor has become a fight that is wearing me out. I want to ask them would they want their mother, sister, wife, child to have to do what I am…sitting on a stool at the sink to take a bath because my shower is not safe for me….staying home all the time because I have no ramp. And my question is..what will they do now that the quote is months old and the items are higher priced?  Will they shortcut and not give us what we should have. One tells me they will be here today. Have not seen anyone. Another tells me it is wrong and they will get another contractor and the man in charge says he does not know when it will happen. Hearing that was just the icing on the cake to dealing with some financial issues and medical needs. And so I knew I had to do something to keep it from making me sick..and so I just soaked up everything beautiful around me.

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