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I bet at one time or another all of us have said something similar to the statements below:

I just can’t do this anymore!

I can not go one more day like this!

I can not stand this one minute longer!

I just can not do this. It is too hard!

And yet, most of us do manage to make it one more minute, one more hour, one more day. What is it that makes this possible? There are people who do not make it. The suicide rates depict that reality in very sobering numbers. So, what gives those of us that do make it beyond those statements the reason to go on? I can only tell you what I believe in my heart. I believe it is a little thing called “hope”  that gives us the faith to try once more.

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My first thought was that maybe those who have lost their hope had no support from family or loved ones but the truth is many suicide victims had families that loved and supported them in every way possible. So, what makes someone lose hope in the midst of love from family? What makes someone feel so alone even in a crowd that they no longer can take it anymore? And I honestly do not know. It has to be in our internal make up, our own self emotional support that we have within.

I am sure our soldiers, especially those in countries like Afghanistan, may feel like they just can not take one more day living in such horrid conditions and yet most get up the next morning and do their jobs. Single mothers (or fathers) who carry the burden alone raising children may feel like they just can not take the financial struggles or all the stress one more day, and yet most get up the next morning and hug their children and do it all over again. Chronically ill and disabled people I can tell you may feel like they can not take the pain and loss of ability one more day and yet most of us get up and do it all over again every day. So, what creates the difference in those of us that have hope and those that do not?

I do believe having hope in our hearts is a big factor. Some days we may roar with hope and courage and other days we may just be roaring inside because we do not have the strength to let out a loud roar….but we are still roaring with hope and courage.

I have those times where I say I just can not take one more health issue, one more thing going wrong and want to pull the covers over my head. And I may actually pull the covers over my head and while I am laying there under the covers, something in side me nudges me and says “maybe today will be better” and so I try one more time. And some times it is better, some times it is the same and sometimes it is worse.And I make it through another day.

I believe that hope is something we have to nurture and foster. Anything, if you deny it any nourishment will wither and die and so will hope. As I was reading about nurturing hope, what I found was that hope is connected to goals. It may be the goal of making it through this minute, this hour, this day or it may be a goal of doing something. I hope to be able to sit on the patio more. I am working towards that goal and that goal gives me hope. So, one thing that makes those of us able to hold on to hope is we have goals in life. If you have no goals, you have no direction and if you have no direction in life, then you have nothing to hope for.

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If we believe we can and we have dreams and goals, then we have that hope that keeps us going even when the times are tough. I have a goal of living as long as I can with quality of life and that keeps me going because I believe I will. I have hope.  Soldiers lying in the desert have a goal of going home to loved ones and that goal gives them the hope to get up every day and get through that day. I never connected how important goals and dreams were to having hope until I started researching to write this. So, do you have goals and dreams?  Do you still find that you get up and go again even after you have felt like you could not do it anymore?

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And those reasons to keep smiling and keep hoping are the things you dream of, are the goals of things you want in life. When we have something to work towards then we can have hope.

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  1. Hope is still very much alive! It is the very reason we continue to aspire AND inspire. We hope to be transformative, even in our small encounters, actions, and the engagement of active thought on our deepest heart desires.

    Comment by SomerEmpress | August 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. I love your blog, great to visit and view the wonderful words of wisdom and inspiration as you are yourself! 🙂

    Comment by pennycoho | August 5, 2012 | Reply

  3. Thanks so much for your post. I have be feeling so depressed lately because of, in retrospect, seems like a bunch of tiny things. While they’re happening, though, they each seem so heavy and awful. I have hopes that keep getting squashed, but somehow because of people like you who remind me to hope, I find the courage to keep on trucking. Big hugs, and keep on posting!

    Comment by renplus | August 5, 2012 | Reply

    • I am glad it helps. Keep dreaming..that is how we hold on. 🙂

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | August 6, 2012 | Reply

      • That’s really thinikng out of the box. Thanks!

        Comment by Susy | August 14, 2014

  4. A lot to think about here. Copied the birdy pic to put on bathroom bulletin board. Much to think about. Also true that those who have no dreams… goals… hope — are also those who complain and moan to the point no one wants to be near them. And so they turn it around and say people are selfish, stuckup, and not friendly… no one is nice to me. It is a vicious circle. But a life with dreams, goals, hope, love, and prayer… is a joyful circle.

    Comment by Ann | August 4, 2012 | Reply

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