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What Are We Teaching Our Children?

This is one of the things I tried hard to teach my sons. I wanted them to know the more important things in life such as family, loving each other, communicating and talking and finding joy in simple things. And it makes me feel good to know my son’s really know what happiness and what is important in life.

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And I wanted them to realize how important making time for those you love is. And as I watch my son’s now, I see that they did get it. We might have been poor but we were and are so rich in love.

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And below is the best lesson of all. We have to be willing to stand up for what is right, even if alone. But, we also have to be smart enough to realize when we need help and courageous enough to ask someone for help. Many will drive in circles before asking directions and that includes directions on how to get help in life.

Doctor appointments today and tomorrow.  🙂

Be back later on.

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  1. sage advice, best of all things wished at those appts. for you…

    Comment by sassy | August 30, 2012 | Reply

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