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We Should Never Forget


I see lots of posts on my facebook feed that say “We will never forget” but I personally believe it needs to be said this way.:

9-11    We SHOULD Never Forget

Why do I think it needs to be said We should never forget?  That was a horrific time for our country…many lives were lost and much damage done. But, you know what?  We came together in UNITY as a country instead of the division and fighting and ugliness we see now. We need to remember what it was like when we all pulled together, when politicians were working for the good of the country and when Americans remembered that we are all connected…we are all part of the whole.

I send prayers to the families that lost loved ones at 9-11 and I send prayers for our country that needs to heal and get back to working together just like we did at 9-11 because that is what makes us strong and makes our country something really great.


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