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Have you ever noticed that after something is over, people have a tendency to go “oh my gosh, I could have been…..” even though it is over. I call it after thoughts that are filled with emotions. Well, I am no different. My son killed a big hairy wolf spider on my NEW toilet last week…right under the seat.  Mind you, this is AFTER I had been using it for a week. *eeeeeeeek*

Well, when it comes to creepy crawly things,  I am no different. Now I am going “Oh my gosh, OH my gosh, I was sitting on that toilet. I could have been bitten!!!”   “oh no”    *shudder*…and son laughs and says  “but you were not bitten Mom”.  Unfortunately when people have that adrenalin rush of fear, logic does not work. LOL.   My son finally said “let me spray your bathroom for you, ok. That will kill them if any are left”.  Now that helped. LOL

I told him that all those times I used that commode, that spider was there and he could have bitten me. And so now…I inspect before I sit. And son just cracks up at me cause he sees me in there with a flashlight looking for critters. I leave the door open when I am looking because I want an escape route. LOL  And while my fear has lessened and the flashlight is used less often, I still get the jiggies when I see something on the floor like a piece of lint or fuzz and think it is a spider.

But, back to the topic at hand. Have you ever noticed, someone can “almost” or “narrowly miss” being in a wreck but what they will talk about for a good while is “I was almost killed” and no matter how many times someone says “but you were not”, it does not stop that adrenalin rush that comes after something scaring you.

There can be a fire in the kitchen and people will rattle off “my house almost burned down”, a car swerve near them and they “almost were killed in a wreck” or lose their pocket-book briefly and they “almost lost all their money”.  I wonder what it is that makes some people take the negative and some the positive?

I am going to always take the negative when it comes to spiders and snakes and things that creep and crawl. LOL  But, when it comes to almost being in a wreck, my response is “oh thank God, I am still alive”. Yes, I know some people delight in the dramatic, delight in the negative and yet some, it is a fear reaction and not being negative. They were literally scared to death.

So, how do we turn it around and see the positive when something scares us? Sorry, but I can not see the positive on the spider…..giggling…well maybe..they do eat flies don’t they…..but on life events such as wrecks, accidents, etc…how do people turn it into the positive?  For those of us that see the glass half full and are thankful for the good things in life, it is easier. For those that are so ingrained in seeing all the bad things, it is harder and sometimes, we just have to listen and let them rant for a while and get their fear out.  And I do believe there comes a point with those that seem to relish the negative and a month later are still telling how they almost got killed or whatever..the time comes to say…but you did not get killed and so is it not time now to start rejoicing in that.

As for me, I will rejoice in the fact that my son is my superhero and kills those nasty critters for me and keeps an eye out for new ones. 🙂
And a quick reminder. I have on the right side of the page a little write up and picture about the Women Who shine nomination for Sherry E. Showalter. If you are willing, I hope you will vote for her and check out her blog. It is located at:    She inspires me and encourages me daily to keep on going.

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  1. here’s an interesting link that tells you more about spider ‘myths…….house spiders won’t survive outside and outside spiders tend to stay outside xxx….

    Comment by Helena Clare Cook | October 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. I believe the spider you saw got there about 2 minutes before you found it. Lots of big yellow zipper garden spiders in my yard and I love watching them catch and eat the bugs. There was a black widow spider in my kitchen once and I killed it. Brown Recluse spiders are dangerous. Might want to learn what they look like. Everything else OK.

    Comment by Ann | October 2, 2012 | Reply

    • son says he thinks it came in the box the commode was in when they did the work..and plus they had the floor torn open. I do not mind spiders at all..outside. LOL but yes I had an orange looking fiddler spider stalk me once in my shower…right after we got the modular home back in GA. Scared me to pieces.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | October 2, 2012 | Reply

  3. but Spiders are one of our most precious and useful mini-beasts!!!!…they eat all the baddies in the house, like bed-bugs and dust mites, so they are VERY good for people with allergies and people who are bed-ridden…and far, far less harmful than instecticides… I love having spiders in my house…I have spider nests up on my bathroom ceiling and won’t let anyone touch them….They are gardeners very best friends…..and the bigger the spider…well, the better they are doing their job to keep your house bug-free…you should make them a cosy little spider house and just kindly ask your son to gentley lift them and put them in their little house…xxxx

    Comment by Helena Clare Cook | October 2, 2012 | Reply

    • ohhhh shudder…not sure I could do that. I do believe they are helpful..Maybe put them outside. If I woke up with one on me in the bed..which I have…I think I would have a heart attack. LOL

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | October 2, 2012 | Reply

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