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The Change In The American Dream

There was a time when the American dream was to own a modest home, a car, a wife/husband ad children and have a good job……something attainable for most people. And then something happened along the way and greed took over and the American dream became bigger homes, bigger fancier cars, expensive clothes and jewelry, retiring by the time you were thirty and not necessarily having the family or spouse. I call it the Supersize It syndrome.

Seems people can not be content with a regular drink or regular fries, they must supersize them.  They can not eat just a plain pizza it must have cheese pockets and dipping sauce and so much cheese it would stop up your arteries and all sorts of gimmicks. People can not drink just a coke or a Pepsi, it must be vanilla coke or cherry coke or vanilla cherry coke.  Everything must be bigger and better. People do not want a hamburger with one patty. There must be three patties. And people no longer want an education, they want the rich ride on a tv show acting crazy or low-class. Credit card numbers soared and people were spending like crazy…all on credit.

And guess what? Then came the recession and with it brought a change in the American Dream again. People started looking for “simplicity” and smaller homes again.  Or  they fought to hold on to their homes, their jobs. People started wanting to downsize, to go back to the less expensive and they started cutting corners and most of all…they started thinking about the future and what they will do if the crash gets worse. I know we do. People started paying off bills and the American Dream changed to wanting to be as debt free as possible. They wanted lower house payments and lower if no car payments. People started growing their own food, buying supplies that lasted longer, eating in instead of eating out, doing hair cuts at home, making clothes last longer and the list goes on.

I still believe in the American Dream but we learned that the one thing that is unrealistic was to base our future on get rich quick schemes, on trying to get on TV shows, on lottery tickets. The American Dream for us is holding family as the most important, having a simple home and combining homes so that we lived more economically. We lived in a house on the other side of the mountain that had three bathrooms and ten rooms (one room was a den room downstairs the size of my bedroom, kitchen, dining room and living room in this house….for two people. And when the recession hit, we realized that keeping a house like that for two people was crazy. What did we need all that room for?

And so, our American Dream changed. We sold the house at a loss, we moved over the mountain and we got a place that is less than half the size of what we were in. Every room in our house is used as compared to the other house where less than half the rooms were used and sat idle most of the time.

We still have dreams but they are dreams based on the future and what we want for the future. Many times people will make big expenses without thinking about what might happen if they lose their job or the recession worsens. Our dream is based on surviving in spite of these types of events. It is based on making family the number one priority and making simplicity of life so that we can have the American dream the next priority.

The American Dream has changed over the past one hundred years and it has had its ups and it’s downs. We have gone from simplicity to over indulgence and back to simplicity again. The question is, has the recession taught us anything or are we mired in anger and blame instead of looking at our own spending habits?  Has the public gotten so caught up in “supersize it” and the bigger the better, the more expensive the happier that we can not see a dream anymore?

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  1. So true. It’sthe same in the UK.

    Comment by Libby | October 8, 2012 | Reply

    • Libby, we are beginning to think it is worldwide. Son

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | October 9, 2012 | Reply

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