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Faith comes in many forms. I am not talking “religion” as I think that is an institution and a building. I am talking faith…faith in God, Higher Power, faith in people, faith in what I do and what I believe. Our beliefs should be an integral part of our actions.

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 To me, part of having faith is that you should be living it not proclaiming it. If I have to tell everyone that I am a Christian, then I am not living my faith because it is not showing. People should be able to see my faith in my actions and what I do.

If I say I believe in compassion and kindness, then I should be living that so that people see it when they look at me or talk to me. I should be being kind and compassionate all the time.  If I say I believe in helping others, I should be living that and doing it. If I say that I believe in this or that in politics then my actions should show that. We should be living what we believe not just saying it. It should show in actions not just in words.

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This goes for loving someone. That old saying “actions speak louder than words” is true. Someone can tell me that they love me all day long but if they do not act like they love me, then their words do not ring true. Actions speak louder than words.

If I say I believe in honesty, morals and ethics and then I turn around and act the opposite and lie, cheat and steal…then I am not living my beliefs. If I do not stand up for what is right, I am not living my beliefs. And it all comes back to choice.

Now, we do not have to be hurtful, we do not have to be aggressive or tear down someone else’s beliefs to “strengthen” ours. If our beliefs are not strong enough that someone else’s beliefs threaten mine to the point that I have to always cut down what they believe in and make fun of their beliefs, then I do not have a strong faith or belief system.  We simply have to live our own beliefs.

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I try to live my life in such a way that what I believe in shows and that people know by my actions that I truly do believe in what I say. I do not stand around and be passive and not say anything when someone is being ugly about or to someone else. I tell them I do not like it and I walk away if they do not stop.

My health has made me realize that I do not have time to include in my life those things that are contrary to what I believe in. I can not change anyone and I do not try to. So, I focus on living my life loving those around me and living my life in a way that shows what I am and how I believe because actions speak louder than words.

And do not let anyone keep you from living your faith and your beliefs. No one should tell you that you can not live your religious faith, your moral faith, you humane loving faith, etc and no one should try to put you down for what you believe in. Keep your faith and your beliefs strong enough that when someone does, it does not bother you. Keep on living your faith.  Evidentially, they see something that is bothering them and that is ok as long as what you belief in is good, honest, moral and ethical…you have done nothing wrong.  Words are important but it is how we use them that show our faith and beliefs and our character.

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