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The Waves Of Life

“Sometimes life can seem to beat on you like the waves on the rocky shores but look at the precious jewels that all of that creates. The waves smooth the rough edges and corners and shines the stones and shells until they radiate beauty. Such is what life can do to a person if they allow themselves to let life wash over them instead of clinging to the rough rocks along the way.”


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Life is always about what we will become. It is a never ending…always changing process and it is what we experience in life and how we handle it  that makes us who we are. We are living beings and just like the rivers we need motion or we stagnate.  Motion can be physical movement or it can be emotional growth but we do need to keep moving to keep honing who we are. Yes, the waves of life can be brutal but like the shells and stones above, look at the beauty it can leave behind.

I look back through the years and I think about myself at different ages and how much I have changed in many respects. I started off like so many do with dreams of what I would own and along the way those dreams changed from possessions to people and feelings and love.

I wanted the perfect house and a family and children. And then after the children came along…I realized I wanted time with my children more than I wanted that new couch or new car. It was a slow process just like the waves washing the stones on the river bed or on the shore. I evolved into the person I am.

I thought and acted differently when I was twenty and differently still when I was thirty and then forty and now I am 63 and proud of it and I think differently still. I do believe that for the most part that wisdom does come with age. Sometimes we can be an old soul like I have been called through my life or we become an old soul as we progress. Old souls have this innate knowledge that life’s most precious possessions are the people in our lives and the time and love with them.

We start off wanting to accumulate all these possessions and money and as we become older, we realize that as long as we have what we need to live, then all the rest is just clutter. My sons will ask me what I want for a Christmas present and when I name something they tell me that it sure is a small thing. I tell them …”that is because I have all I need. What I want is to be with you..that is all. “

Perhaps the waves of life have smoothed my edges and molded me in a way that some do not understand for they are still on the treadmill of life and racing to accumulate all they can. And that is ok because I know who I am and I am comfortable in this worn down self of mine.  I lost that worry of what others may think if I wear a crazy hat or if I do not wear the latest fashions.

Life has rough and tumbled me to the point that my heart is visible for all to see and the values I have held on to all these years of honesty, ethics and morality are shining on the outside. Because I have had a rough and tumble life, I recognize quickly when someone else has too and my heart is filled with compassion. Many hide from the pain and sorrow of others but I have found that it is part of life and should be taken and embraced and love given to help make someone else’s life easier.

So, as I lay here watching this video of the beach that someone gave me…I am thinking about all the unnecessary things that the waves of life have worn off me and hopefully those waves have left only the shining jewel part of me…the colorful and vibrant part of me behind.

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