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Words-The Cruelest Weapon Of All

Have you ever noticed how some people fight with their fists or with weapons and others use their mouths to maim and hurt? I learned through the ages that physical wounds, while bad, will heal with time. Wounds inflicted to the soul, to the heart of another with the deliberate intent to hurt leave a much deeper scar and can inflict deeper pain.

I always wondered why people do this. I say life is a choice all the time and it is. And striking out to be cruel or hurtful to someone is a choice. And of course with choices come consequences. Some times it is like watching a train wreck and you see it coming for someone but you can not do anything to stop it. Why?  I think because the person is hurting and they want to relieve their hurt so in some perverse way they think that if they hurt another, they will feel better. And for a brief moment they will and then after a bit, the personal hurt is still felt along with regret for hurting someone and so the hurt just builds more.

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There is a difference in words said that cause hurt and words said TO deliberately  hurt. Sometimes we may say something that hurts another but our intent was not to hurt. The intent may be to make someone aware or to try to help someone but it hurts the other person because they do not want to hear it or because you are not agreeing with them. I can honestly say I have never used words as a weapon. I have used words to stand up for others or stand up for what is right and had it hurt another but the intent was not to hurt. I do not believe in deliberately hurting another.

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I remember many years ago a dear friend of mine that has passed on telling me about certain people “be careful of them. If you make them mad they are going to try to hurt you bad” and that was my first lesson into people who  deliberately try to hurt others.  That is when I learned that you have to distance yourself emotionally from people like that and not let them close to your heart to protect your own.

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I truly believe that most of life is a choice. And if we can not control something, we can choose how we handle it. I believe that words we utter are a choice. Actions we make are a choice. Actions we do not make are a choice and words we do not say when we should are still a choice.

I believe in standing up for what is right. It is not always the popular thing to do but it is the right thing to do. Many will remain passive or ignore but when someone stands up for what is right…they  have at least stood up for something. Yes, some will want total agreement from you but that is not what life is about nor friendship. I have some of the most wonderful online friends that I have known for years and years and I would not trade them. I have never spoken in person to them but have talked a lot with them online and grown to love them as part of extended family.  And I believe in honesty…honesty done with kindness.

I love this quote because it says it all.

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Sometimes our words may hurt because they are not what someone wants to hear, because they are misunderstood or whatever and while we do not want to hurt with our mouths…it happens. But, when we set out to deliberately mim and hurt, we have caused a lot more damage and done it deliberately. So, words are something that should be taken with great seriousness and should never be used as a weapon to strike back at someone with. It is always the intent of words that matters.

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  1. Powerful blog today friend… some folks it seems take enjoyment from their wording while others are quite mindful… and this is eloquent and quite to the reality of the world and those we meet each day… love the quotes and sayings as it lays out your thoughts beautifully.

    Comment by SHERRY E SHOWALTER | October 29, 2012 | Reply

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