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I Choose To Be Happy-How About You?

Laying here telling myself over and over that at least it is not the 60 pound tumor, looking around trying to find my positive point for the day. I could just lay here and whine all day…..and that would be a choice but I really prefer putting my trust in my faith…and my belief that God will provide our needs. He has never failed me yet. Now to figure out what my part is in this cause faith does not mean laying back on our arse and expecting God to do it all. He expects us to do our share.

Woke up this morning with a horrible headache because my oxygen machine ran out of water and if you have not used oxygen much, that may not mean anything to you. See, oxygen will dry your head out to the point you feel like your brain is dried out and so there is a water container that sends moist air through my tube to keep that from happening. I woke up feeling like my eyeballs were stuck to the inside of my eyelids and my head, nose, eyes, forehead all hurting worse than a migraine. So…ok, needless to say, I woke up cranky and with pain screaming from the roof tops.

I do not just talk the talk…I walk it too and I do believe that how we deal with things is a choice and so, I am doing my part to try to keep from laying here on the bed moaning and groaning. I have taken my meds, got an ice pack on my face, eaten some rice pudding for breakfast and as soon as the meds kick in, I plan on working on something…anything to distract me from this cause no body likes a whiner..not even the whiners themselves.  And besides that, son just bought a new big block of cheese and I do not want him bringing me a plate of cheese to go with my “wine”. LOL

Something I remind myself of often is that if I want people to support me and help me then I must also help myself. I am a funny person I guess but I will give the shirt off of my back to help someone..that is until they start to expect and demand it. And that is when I draw the line because when someone starts expecting or demanding my help…then is when I think the best help one can give them is no help so that they learn to help themselves. You know, that old proverb that you can give the person a fish and feed them for one meal or you can teach them to fish so they can have food the rest of their lives.

Son and I live simply…so as to not have a lot of expenses. We do without to try to have the money we need for the basics. And in some cases that are ultra necessary, we have asked for help. And I can not express my appreciation often enough to those that have helped us get to the doctors. You all have been awesome.

Son and I try hard to not be a burden on anyone and Son is a gift as  my caretaker but he too suffers chronic illness. He is one of those that has fallen in the crack of can not work full-time but is not on disability. But we are surviving and happily. And I have people ask me how can we be happy being so poor and I try to explain that happiness is a choice…and it has to do with what is in your heart..not in your hands. It is not the house, the car, the job, people, those things bring joy. Happiness is a state of being.

Son and I try to live our lives reaching out to others, trying to help others even if it is just trying to inspire them to be all they can be. And we have learned to value the most important things in life…our loved ones. The rest is just things and can be replaced. You can not replace a person. And so this quote below I think says it all…there are three things in life you can never get back once it is gone by. You can say you are sorry, you can delete what you wrote, you can pretend it never happened but the truth is..once it happens it is there forever.

Once you say the ugly words, they are out there forever; once you let the moment pass to be kind to someone or to tell someone you love them, it is gone forever and time…the minutes in our life tick down like an hour-glass and once they are gone, we can never recapture them.

And this is why today I will get up and get in my power chair and go to the kitchen in spite of this headache and help my son make bread. I am teaching him. Yes, I could choose to lay here and whine about feeling bad or I could distract myself and enjoy my son while we make bread together for there are no promises of tomorrow for anyone and if my choice had been to lay here and whine…I might not have the choice to do something with my son tomorrow. And I choose to use my Mojo to do something positive and something that will bring joy.

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  1. I try so hard to not be the whiner I am and you inspire me more each time I read your post (I come back often to your older ones) I do not dwell but I spiral into self-pity for a few hours then pull myself up by the bootstraps and get back on this path of life and it is thanks to people like you and others that I admire that I am able to do that. just wanted you to know how much I admire you and your son.

    Comment by lenwilliamscarver | November 3, 2012 | Reply

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words.

    Comment by mlissabeth | November 3, 2012 | Reply

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