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I Prefer Giving Over Getting

Everywhere Christmas stuff is around. It is such a special time of year…the holidays. People are more loving and giving and seem happy as they go about their daily lives. Too bad this is not seen all year round. It should not take a holiday to make us happy or charitable to others.

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I remember one year when my boys were young and we were struggling…a single parent with lots of medical bills. Well, a friend of ours had to go to drug rehab and so her three boys were going to be alone for Christmas with Grandma. My sons wanted to share their Christmas with those three boys. Instead of wanting to keep their presents, they wanted to give them to the other kids and spent time wrapping all their stuff up and putting it under the tree for them. I will never ever forget that day when Grandma brought the boys by and they saw they had something under the tree. They were so thrilled. And the youngest, who was five, came over and hugged me and asked would I tell “Santa” thank you. I said I sure would.

After that we started getting toys to donate for those who had nothing and donated. Each charity helps one child have a Christmas. Can you imagine each child that gets a present?  A child that was not expecting anything. That is what these charities do. They fill a child’s Christmas dream of a present…hundreds of thousands of children that they are trying to give to and yet there will never be enough to cover all the children in need. We can help that by donating to them with money or with toys and gifts and our gift might just give one more child than the charity was going to be able to give to…a Christmas. I am so proud of my sons for their generous hearts and willingness to give up.

My sons and I used to make boxes and go leave them on door steps to surprise families who were without. I have been there before where my children got a box for Christmas and when they opened that toy they were so thrilled to have gotten it. But, we have even more this year that will not have Christmas due to unemployment, job lay offs, the bad storms that put people out of their homes…and yet if we give extra child might get something that they otherwise might not have gotten because Charities only have so much to spend on this without our help.

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If you really want your heart to feel Christmas, go down to the soup kitchens that will be cooking and serving those in need on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day and watch the joy in their faces as they get their meal and listen to the Christmas music and sit and talk like one big family. You will see young people with babies, old people on walkers, and every day people…all coming together as one unit. I used to do this all year-long on these crutches until I got where I could not stay up and my heart came away full. I also delivered meals to the shut-ins.  I loved that.

Servers in a Soup Kitchen

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When we do for others, something happens in our hearts and we stop dwelling on all we do not have and start seeing all we DO have and we become more compassionate and giving of ourselves and Christmas takes on a new meaning.  People will go in debt buying expensive gifts that the kids will probably have torn up  in a few weeks time and parents will pay for the rest of the year. I find keeping Christmas simple and doing things as a family makes the holidays more special. Son and I go together in the dollar store and each has enough money to buy 12 one dollar items or 6 two dollar items, etc…and we buy one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Each day we read the story on the first day, second day, etc and we open our little present. And then we spend time and making special plates for neighbors and friends. It has made Christmas so special.

This year be a giver…of your heart….not a taker.  Look around you. It is not hard to spot those that are in need and find a way to give to those who have less than you. You will never regret it. Do not forget our military men and women who will be spending Christmas away from family…Or those that have lost their homes and jobs…those living on the streets…those who have nothing. Look around and you will see you have a roof over your head, beds to sleep in, food to eat. It may not be luxurious but it is a gift.  And then find someone who has less and give. You will never regret it.

Most towns have a community dinner for everyone. It did not matter if you were poor or not but if you had no where to go, they wanted you to come eat there with entertainment and door prizes. It is wonderful. Son and I have gone every year on Thanksgiving and we have never regretted it. We have met many wonderful people from all walks of life…..some poor and some just average people who enjoyed sharing the holidays with all the others in town.  If we had the money, we donated to the cost of the dinner to help with all the stuff it took like plates and cups and stuff. And what a grand Thanksgiving it was. One year a man from WWll….a fighter pilot…sat next to us and we listened to stories of when he flew the plane. It was heartwarming and an honor to share our dinner with him. Spread the cheer this year…be a giver instead of a taker….and opt for time with family and loved ones doing things together. Son and I found that last year, the most precious time of all on Thanksgiving was the time we spent cooking our little dinner and making pumpkin pie together.

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  1. Wonderful! I’ve been there too, and it’s so wonderful to share what we have with others. No wonder your sons turned out so well 🙂

    Comment by ansuyo | November 15, 2012 | Reply

  2. Some of my most rewarding times were volunteering in a homeless shelter. It rotated between churches… a month in each church. At my church there was a kitchen where we cooked together, sang around the piano, played cards, and just sat and talked. I went to help at another church. The regular people were mentioning they really would appreciate a homecooked meal sometime. So even though it was the turn for another church, I got permission from the shelter leader to bring dinner. Took homemade mac & cheese, green beans with lots of ham, bisquits with butter and jam, brownies and apples. Every bit of it I made myself (except the apples). So when I got there, I asked a couple of the regular guys to help me carry things to the kitchen in that church so I could set up the food. It all went well and everyone was really full of laughter, hugs, and appreciation. The next morning I got a call from that pastor saying they were considering filing trespassing charges against me because I allowed some of “the dirty homeless people in the kitchen where his congregation cooks”. I calmly told him I had permission. He said I had permission to bring food, but I did not have permission to contaminate “his” kitchen. Boy was I mad. I called my pastor who happened to be a very smart wonderful lady. She said, “I already know about it. You did a good job. Now forget it.”

    BTW, homeless people very often have jobs… but we all know that companies such as Walmart, McDonalds, etc. do not pay enough or give enough hours to allow someone to be off welfare. Also the homeless people I knew always found some where to take a sink bath and were personally very clean even if their clothes were not.

    BTW2. One of the female owners of WalMart is worth 21 Billion (with a B) dollars. But EACH WalMart store costs the government approximately a half million dollars each year by supplying food stamps for WalMart employees… who have jobs but cannot support themselves. It may be legal, but it is not moral.

    Excuse me for going off on such a tangent. Agree, we need to sacrifice our time and resources to help those in need. And it is not necessary for anyone to know where the help comes from.

    All of us can do something.

    Comment by Ann | November 12, 2012 | Reply

    • Very Well said Ann and I agree. HUGS my friend

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | November 12, 2012 | Reply

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