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Hope And Releasing the Negative

I think about life and how we have both negative and positive things in life. It is what makes life what it is. But, what we hold on to is what makes us who we are. If we hold the negative to us, than negative is what we will see day after day. And negative is what we will become. If we release the negative and hold on to the good..the positive, then it brings peace in our lives.

Sometimes we hold so tight to thing”You will never lose anything you release, at least anything that is worth having. Release is magnetic and draws to you, the perfect situation. Practice releasing everyday. Many times it is a friend or family member that is causing you pain – release them”

I believe in releasing what is holding us back, releasing those that seem to make us feel hurt, anger and all the other negative emotions. Releasing does not mean we do not care any more. It simply means we are letting the negative hurtful part go and retaining the good

“I now let go of everything and everyone in my past or present that has caused me discomfort – in through or around me. We all go free to greater wholeness. I free you to your higher good”

Taken from Catherine Ponder’s book “The Dynamic Laws of Healing”

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We tend to run from any emotion that makes us feel uncomfortable but the truth is…if we can not look at our past, if we can not face the hurt and pain…we will never heal from it. You can not heal from what you do not look at straight on. Yes, it is painful but so is refusing to face it.

I have been through a lot in my life but I have learned to pull it out from the inside and lay it on the table in front of me and face it. I may cry when I first face it but once you face something…it looses power over you. As long as you hold it inside and nurture the hurt and feed it…it will always control your life and always hurt you.  One you say it out loud, once you look at it straight in the eye, once you face it…then you will be able to begin to say..”I am through letting you hurt me”.  I have friends who are still crying years and years later over something that happened. Why? Because they hold the hurt inside…they never release it or face it and so it remains painful.

If you can release things that hurt you and are negative then you can begin to have hope and it is the kind of hope that no matter how bad it gets again, you have hope for better to come. My hope got down to a flicker the past two weeks but I hung on desperately. And it is that hope and that faith that things will be ok that keep me going.

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Sometimes we can over think things and we think and we think and we think until we can not see the good for thinking and trying to reason. I think personally that when we get to this point, we stop listening and are caught in this web of trying to analyze, trying to figure, trying to make the details of whatever it is we are thinking so hard on and life is passing us by.

Every once in a while, it might be good to stop thinking all together. To get in touch with a higher reality. Remember, thought creates reality, so if you’ve created a reality that you don’t like, don’t give it a second thought.

Neale Donald Walsch

Or as a dear friend says “if you do not like the way things look, change your focus”.  We are more in control than we think of our lives and how we feel. We make the choice to be positive or to be negative. And we can make the choice to focus on what is positive…the choice to face our demons and quit dragging them around. If you have dragged your problems around for ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years…then you have made the choice to stay negative. Face the things that are hurtful and then release them so you can get on with life.

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  1. nominated for award find it at congrats!

    Comment by lenwilliamscarver | November 28, 2012 | Reply

  2. Beautiful words of wisdom. Have saved to read again and again… and to forward to a few friends. Sending you prayers and positive thoughts. HUGS

    Comment by Ann | November 28, 2012 | Reply

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