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The National Jewish Hospital is wonderful. It is also huge and everyone treats you so nicely. The doctor I really liked. He took an hour with us and asked questions all the way back to my childhood. He is running all sorts of tests, blood work, cat scans etc and even mentioned Genetic testing. So they are being very thorough.

Today and last night were rough and I was thankful nothing was planned for today as I am not sure I could have done it. I was up and down all night with extreme pain even with pain med and freezing and then hot and sweating….which is normal when my pain has gone out of control.

We have talked to family members today trying to get more information that he asked about and to see when all of this started and what course to take to help me. He is looking at all the cystic lung diseases and the tumors I have in my kidneys can be part of tuberous sclerosis but can also be part of certain cystic lung diseases.

Due to Insurance requirements, part of the tests can not be done until the 20th and so we are having to stay over two extra days. We had not planned on this but we are doing it because I did not come this far and go through so much pain to get here to lose out before I get tested.

I have slept most of the day waking in and out in pain and hopefully will sleep good tonight and then be ready to go again in the morning.

Hugs to all and thank you all for the help. You are amazing to me.















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  1. Loves to and gentle hugs to u!

    Comment by Dayna McCleery | December 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. This Jewish hospital sounds a lot like Mayo Clinic in Minnesota they test very good as well. If you come they have you see many drs. and depts. one apt after another if possible and they get all of it together so everyone is on the same page. Some stay over as you are doing also. They have taken care of at least one of the Presidents as well. Do hope you get the answers you need as well as the care and can help you. Love n prayers. Darlene

    Comment by Dar | December 12, 2012 | Reply

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