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It does not matter what track you are on, you are the conductor and where you go and what you do and how you feel is up to you. One of the greatest lessons I learned was that I could walk away from things that were ugly or filled with those negative emotions that rob us of a good day. I did not have to stand there and allow my world to be filled with it. Sometimes, it is even family we go into another room to get away from because they are in such a negative mood that we really just do not want to be around them.

I remember my dear friend Sassy telling me to just remember to stay on my train when things got ugly or were about to swamp me and upend my boat….to just sit in the seat and watch from the window and ride on by. She told me all the time to be the conductor of my own train. That is all part of the choice thing.

This is a theoretical situation. Pretend you are at a gathering and several of you are standing around talking and one person starts being snide or using language that you do not like or telling jokes that are dirty, all you have to do is walk away. No one has nailed your feet to the floor and you do not have to make excuses. Just simply turn and walk off to another area of the room.  Can you imagine doing that?  There was a time that I could not and I learned all those months in therapy as I learned that I have to be responsible for me..that I could do just that.  I could just walk off…it is not running away,  it is taking control of your life.

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 If I do not stand up for myself, no one else will either. We teach people how to treat us by what we accept and my standard for me has risen tremendously. I deserve better treatment and so do you. That day I learned that I do not have to answer to those treating me badly. I do not have to tell them that they are being ugly. All I have to do is silently walk away. Does it sound like running away?  Well, it is not. It is setting a boundary that you will not tolerate that anymore.

The first time I gained courage enough to do that, once I had turned and started walking off, I felt as if someone had lifted a weight from me and not only did I walk away, I walked out of the building and got in my car and left and I did not return for a long time.  And that is another story…going back and facing your demons once you have dealt with them. That is something else that is exhilarating and liberating.

I learned through my many journeys and experiences (I am older than dirt you know) that only I can make me happy. People, places, things can not. And I learned to rely on myself to entertain myself, to fulfill my brain and my heart and to create each day for me with something good in it. I learned that I am worth fighting for, I am worth treating good and I am worth loving…and so are you. We do not need anyone’s permission for those things. They are already ours.  I also learned to love where I am. It may not always be where I want to be but if I can learn to love it…it becomes where I like to be.

When you get up this morning, put on that conductor’s hat and tell yourself that you are going to have the best day ever. Do something special for yourself like using the good china to drink your coffee with or sitting by the fire and enjoying the crackle of the logs as it burns or getting on your computer and calling a loved one on Skype and sharing coffee with them. Be your own conductor and when things get rocky, remember…stay on the train and let it ride by all the rocky stuff.

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