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My blog is called Work The Dream because I believe that you have to work for your dreams. Many people say they would love this or that or dream of this or that but never make the effort to work towards it.

It took my son and I seven years to get where we are. We started paying our bills off and we moved to Colorado looking for a simpler lifestyle. And the recession hit while trying to sell our house and we lost a lot of money selling it but somehow had enough to buy this small little house we have now. And we have worked our dream all this time and are still working our dream as there are things we want to see done to the little house. My son works on the house as he is able and as we get supplies. We are part of the recycle group online where people give away things and that is how we got all the sheet rock to fix our other house we sold. The point being that dreams do not normally just fall in a person’s lap. We must work for them. We must do our part to help make them come true.

The thing about dreams is making sure they are realistic. Yes, I dream of owning a pair of spike heels that are glitter red that I can wear laying here on my hospital bed. It is a frivolous dream and I am making no effort to have it come true. It is also a fun dream. But, the dream of living a less stressed more simple life was and is more important towards our lives. And we work hard on it.

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Sometimes we want things and they are fleeting such as the red spike heels. But, some dreams never leave us. We go our whole lives dreaming of them. Those are the dreams we need to be working on and taking the chance to step out and do it. Sometimes we can choose the “safe” way and never step out for fear of what if it does not work or what if we lose this or that. The only way to know is to try. You can either do nothing and spend your life wondering what would have happened if you had or you can step out and make the choice to try for that dream.

Life is too short to live someone else’s dream and you deserve to have those dreams come true. But, it does take courage and asking yourself what are you willing to give up to have that dream. Are you afraid of losing the big fancy house if you step out and try to get that cabin in the rural area to live a simpler life? Are you afraid of living cheaper so you can have that dream trip to Italy or whatever country you have dreamed of going to for years?  How important is this dream to you?  How much are you willing to give up to have it?  That is the bottom line.

So, work for those dreams that you have held on to hoping one day they will come true. Believe in yourself and believe that it can be possible. Will it be easy? The answer is no but it will be worth it. And dreams evolve. Our dream was for a simpler life and we found it and now our dream is make this little house into what we want like where son is building the library section. We have hauled our library of books from Georgia to the other side of the mountain and then back to this side of the mountain and in a few months we will hopefully have the isles of bookshelves we purchased years ago painted and installed where our dining room was. It is a continuing dream. Believe..that is all I can tell you. Believe and work for the dream.

Follow Your Dreams, The Siren Called Out To Me

As I closed my eyes and fell deep into lovely sleep.
The dream siren called me with a promise to keep

I closed my eyes and looked deep in my soul
I could feel the wind blowing…it was so very cold

My dreams I had carried through year after year
They will never come true was my biggest fear

Wandering up one lane and down another
Remembering my dream since I became a mother

Land, open land and a place to be free
A small house to live in with a big evergreen tree

We mounted the buckboard with all we owned inside
And started over the mountain on this crazy dream ride

We felt like pioneers racing to the finish line for land
And the whole time we knew -The Lord had our hand

So don’t be afraid to dream your dreams and try
Life is too short…open your wings up and fly

Dream I say and work the dream hard as you can
For it will be the best race that you ever ran.

© danLrene 2012

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