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This blog is about something that lies close to my heart. I look around our world and I see people and countries abusing animals, children, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, anyone that disagrees and I could go on.  And that is a loathsome thing  for people to do.  But what is even more loathsome is those that stand by and watch it happen.

I believe we have to pick our battles but when we are turning a blind eye to things right in our corner of the world then something is wrong. Many can go out and do activism around the world and I commend them. I think nothing speaks stronger about a country’s people than how they treat animals and how they treat others.

I am limited in my ability to help others so I have chosen to step out on the things I am able to step out on and I use my blog many times to do that. One of those things is the chronically ill/disabled/those suffering with auto immune disorders and things that affect their lives. And I am stepping out and working on those things.

This is what is happening in many places around the world. People hear and see others being abused and mistreated and turn away because it is easier. And yet, if it were them being abused or mistreated, they would be screaming the  loudest to come help them. So, I have created what I call my shame list. Please…do not get mad at me if the titles fit you in any way because I am not fitting titles to people. I am just stating titles of shame.

So here goes….SHAME on you

To all that commit the atrocious acts of bullying, abusing, neglecting and other acts.

To those that see these acts and do nothing about them.

To those that see children being abused and say nothing.

To those that see the sick, the infirm, the elderly being mistreated or neglected and do nothing.

To those that see bullying and do not step up to stop it.

To those that see animals being abused and do nothing to stop it.

To those that see the homeless and hungry and do nothing to help them.

To those that see others struggling and offer no help.

To those that see others stealing and do nothing to stop it.

To those who see others committing crimes and do nothing about it.

To those that see the lonely and never take the time to give them comfort.

To those who see their friends doing things that will harm them or are wrong and do not tell them the truth.

To those that over indulge their children and do not teach them right from wrong for you have done them an injustice.

I probably could think of more but the list is pretty good. We can not take our country back until we stand up for what is right and live in a way that we are doing what is right. We can not be complacent. We can not close our windows and our doors so we do not hear the screaming of those being attacked or hurt. We can no longer be silent. We can no longer live as if we lived on an island and act like what we do does not affect our country. We have to stop being angry and start being accountable for our actions.

Life is a choice and how we act or react to those things above are our choice but with these choices come consequences. If we ignore the hungry….we may one day be hungry ourselves and be ignored. If we ignore those being abused…we may one day become a victim of abuse and no one listen to us. If we allow such things to happen in our world and turn a blind eye, we have turned our backs on mankind itself. And we can not sit around and say “oh someone will take care of it” because we are afraid to become involved. All of these things are choices and we have to choose to be accountable and to make our government accountable and our country. If we are all working on the same page and that page is one in which we are trying to work for the good of our country…our world then we can all feel proud at the end of the day. And it starts in our corners of the world.

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  1. Amen!

    Comment by Dayna McCleery | February 1, 2013 | Reply

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