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A Very Special Thank You: Animal Rescues and Animal Transporters

There are many people in the world that spend their time helping the animals in this world…both wild and domestic. I have always believed the quote that says “you can tell a country by how they treat their animals” and I go a step further to say “you can tell a person by how they treat animals”.  (And people dating should think about that because someone who mistreats animals is not someone you want to marry.) Well, two of those people who are helping animals daily are John Bloom owner of JohnsC2CTransportLLC and Jill Lindsay who started the Three Sisters and A Brother Rescue in NC.

I am so blessed to have my Daisy because of Jill Lindsay who started Three Sisters and A Brother Rescue in North Carolina because her heart just could not stand seeing all the poor dogs  that were being abandoned and euthanized and she has found homes for these animals. Thanks to Jill, my Daisy came from the Three Sisters and A Brother Rescue and she arranged for Daisy to come to us. Son and I are so blessed to have Daisy. From the moment she walked through our door, she knew she was home. I sit here typing with her laying on the bed beside me sleeping. She has had her breakfast, run around playing hard and is now sleeping again like puppies do.

Jill with a puppy that is about to be flown to a new home.

jill and airplane

Jill spends her days rescuing animals that need homes, finding people to sponsor them until they can be given to a forever home, having them checked by a vet, moving them to fosters homes and hunting their forever families.  You have seen how much Jill invests in time and energy just by watching the story unfold of Daisy becoming our baby and traveling from NC to us out here in Colorado.  Daisy got a chance at a forever home that she might not have gotten if Three Sisters and A Brother Rescue had not put in all the work they did to find her a home. Three Sisters and A Brother Rescue Facebook is located here:

You can tell a lot about people by the pets they own. This is Jill’s rescues that she owns and they are the Three Sisters and A Brother that the rescue is named after.

jills babies

Jill is very vested in what she does and she does not just hand animals over to just anyone. She checks out the future family to make sure that the animal is going to a good home. The animals are checked by a vet, spayed or neutered to prevent further overpopulation of animals and given their shots before they go to their new homes. Three Sisters and A Brother Animal Rescue is a non-profit  rescue and relies on donations. If anyone wants to help, you can send donations to .

Picture 046

Jill arranged for John at JohnsC2CTransportLLC to bring Daisy to us. John travels all over the country transporting animals to new homes and when we met him with our Daisy, you could see his love for animals. When we arrived at the pickup place for our Daisy, she was sitting in the front seat with John standing beside her. You could see that she really liked John and that made me feel good. I watched how he held her and talked to her because you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat the animals in their care.

Picture 047

I know many who do pet rescue and I can tell them and you that John is a very reliable transporter and one that I would trust to transport pets. He goes coast to coast and he and his crew love animals and are so good with them and treat them like they treat their own pets.

shadow of truck

They take them out to exercise them, makes sure they are well fed and watered and take excellent care of them. Below are some pictures of John with Daisy when we got her.

Picture 024

Picture 025

Picture 029

John with Miss Riley that he was transporting. Best way to see what kind of animal lover he is…by seeing him with the animals.

Miss Riley and john

John’s boys at home. Well loved you can tell.

two of john's boys

Pets Needing homes can be found at:

Three Sisters and A Brother Rescues needing homes:



Rescue Me:

New Program to help those who are having problems financially feed their pets:

Rescued is My Favorite Breed Animal Rescue Directory:

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  1. Thanks for sharing your very happy story!

    Comment by Freetobe | March 1, 2013 | Reply

  2. Thank goodness there are big-hearted people in the world to look after these dogs when they need love most!

    Comment by Cauldrons and Cupcakes | March 1, 2013 | Reply

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