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I Say Goodbye To You My Friend

I Say Goodbye To You My Friend

I say goodbye to you my friend

I just did not want things to end

Today was the day I finally cried

My tears I could no longer hide

Crystal droplets cascading down my face

Beautiful memories my mind can trace

You carried your dreams to the very end

Smiling and laughing with your old friend

It has been over a year but I could not let you go

There were so many things I wanted you to know

We walked hand in hand through the valley of hell

life stories so parallel that we both had to tell

Your faith and your strength were so divinely blessed

And you knew there was Heaven when it came time to rest

The last week you started to doubt and fear

You really believed you would get to stay here

And what you had been shown seemed to fade in your mind

All that faith you had you seemed unable to find

I wanted to tell you that it was all true not to fear

And even though you were leaving, you would still be near

But you were gone before I could get to you dear friend

I wanted to hold your hand and walk with you to the very end

And I just could not let go and I held on to you tight

oh my heart knew that holding you back was not right

All year I held you in my heart and my mind

I knew the day would come when my tears I would find

And today I say goodbye to you my dear sweet friend

I did not get to tell you my last words at the end

But I know someone there told you as you turned that bend

I wanted to tell you that what you believed was real at the end

That He had not deserted you but just took you home my friend

Now the tears are falling in rivers on my cheeks you can trace

Beautiful gems raining down to your beautiful face.

Farewell my friend and while I am letting you go

I know you are still near…this I know.

Peace to you Pistol…Missing you dearly

June, 2010

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