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My Faith And Angels Here On Earth

I have always believed that God takes care of your needs and  yes, He uses many angels here on earth to do it…not my wants but my needs and He has never failed me. That does not mean we do not do all we can do to take care of those needs. That does not mean you just lay back and say…”oh do not worry about that electric bill…God will get it”.  It means we do our part and if things happen where our part is not enough, I believe He fills in.

An example…and son is always amazed by this…car tags are due this month which is not a monthly expense we are used to and the van is my responsibility to pay. We have the Denver trip to the National Jewish Hospital coming up on the 25 of this month so money is tight. The tag is 66 dollars and today I got a refund from my old electric co-op back east for the year of 1991 for …you ready?……….. $66.06.  Some will say coincidence. I say divine intervention.

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I am not a religion person. I am a faith person. Faith is between me and God and religion is man-made buildings with groups of people and different rules in different churches. I have always given God the glory for all He does for me and always believed that He would take care of my needs and things like this check above have happened so many times that it is amazing.

I have told this story way back but will tell it again for the sake of new readers. Four years ago my son lost his full-time job. He does get paid 8 hours a week as my caretaker but his other job they had lay offs and he was one of them. We were in a house that was too big for us. We put it on the market but the economy fell right after we did. So, for two years we worked on that house to make it where it could sell and when I say we..I mean me, too.  I would lay on the floor and paint molding and things like that. My son helped me lay on a platform and I did the mud on the ceiling because he did not now how. You do what you have to do.

Son was frantic and said “what are we going to do?  We will lose the house”.  I said “God will take care of our needs and we will do our part. We cut our heat to 60 and wore long johns all the time, we stayed home and did not go anywhere to save gas, we cut our food budget and ate cheaper foods…whatever it took. And thankfully, before we moved to Colorado we had paid off most of our bills so only had living expenses.

And every time we had something come up that we could not pay, something always happened like the check above. We would have car tags or car insurance come in and suddenly the escrow on the house would send a check saying they had over charged and were refunding money and it would be like the check above….for the exact amount. A gas bill would need paying and one of these Electric co-op checks would show up…for the exact amount. And when this started happening, my son would look at me in awe and I said “He took us through the years with me as a single parent raising you boys and He has never failed me.”

Another example is this past December. We had to go to Denver for me to have kidney surgery and for me to go to the National Jewish Hospital..eleven days we were there. And we were about to cancel it because we did not have the funds to stay in a motel that long or food when a woman from a group I am in said she and another lady wanted to help raise funds for us to help us get there and would we put a paypal button up top on this blog for people to donate to. And they did a wonderful job. Between that and our church putting all-weather tires on our van and a food offering, we were able to make the trip……Angels here on earth.

I am so thankful for the angels in my life. I have them all over from Florida to Italy to all over the US and God has never let me down. These angels are examples of why we should all reach out a hand to pull others up and not knock them down. And every time it happens, I am quick to let people know it was not me but the Lord. I also try to pay it forward when I can because I believe that is how it should be. And that is why I tell people I have a deep faith and it is not up for debate on my beliefs.

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  1. When I was younger I would have read this and thought, “why doesn’t God just make her healthy enought to get a job?” Now that I’m older and have lived a little more, I can see the beauty in our needs being met through our faith in God with a little assistance from his helpers here on earth. Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories.

    Comment by ninjenise | March 5, 2013 | Reply

  2. 🙂

    Comment by JodI | March 5, 2013 | Reply

  3. WOOT! It’s also karma for being good people.

    Comment by Dayna McCleery | March 4, 2013 | Reply

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