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When It Is Not Just About You

Sometimes in life, when things happen, we can close our world in to be just about us. We can begin to think that we are the only ones that have bad things happen or that get sick or that divorce, or lose their jobs, or lose their home, etc.  And when that happens, all our choices are about us and only us. We fail to consider how our actions might affect someone else.

There comes a time when we make life choices that we must consider those around us because our actions may carry over on to them even when we are gone from this world. I thought about that long and hard. To fill in a little, yesterday I had two appointments with doctors. One was the eye doctor who let me know that my cataracts on both eyes needed removing and he also informed me that there is now a new lens that can be put in too called a toric lens that will improve my vision. The only problem was that Medicare did not pay for that lens, only the cataract lens. The cost is 950 per eye.

I really had to think about this because I did not want to be like my mother who was having teeth implants at the age of 80.  The cataract surgery alone will make it so much easier for me to see and read. The toric lens would just be a plus. So, last night I slept on it. I had to think about my son here because if I die, then he will be left with the expense and I did not want that. The eye doctor’s office called me this morning to set up the cataract surgery. The first one is the end of March and then the next one is the first week of May.

After much thought, I told them to just do the cataract lens. Sometimes we have to make life choices with the knowledge that the decisions we make could impact another person. The world does not center around us and our wishes. Yes, the toric lens would give me better vision without my glasses but, I can still have greater vision with new glasses after the cataract surgery is done. It was a life choice but one that I felt good about because I knew if something happened to me during or after this surgery, then son would not be left to pay for something out of  my so-called estate.

Today was rush around day as the doctor’s office called and said that the Pain Specialist doctor would be in surgery tomorrow and could I come right after lunch. We zoomed around as son says it, he decided to forgo his coffee and cereal so that he could get his blood work done and have his back scans…so it was a long…but productive day. At least we do not have to leave tomorrow. We were both whipped when we got home and Daisy was ecstatic and she bounded from room to room with a look that said “they brought me back ..they brought me back”.  Sweet thing has abandonment issues but we are working on them.

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  1. I have my death setup so my kids will have to only make a phone call, nothing else. I donated my body to the local college and when they r done they will cremate me(the college) and bury me in their donors cemetery. I feel really good about it.

    Comment by Dayna McCleery | March 7, 2013 | Reply

    • You should feel good about that. I have mine set up. I have a policy that will pay fro cremation. I told my sons to only use the funeral home to pick up my body and send it to the crematoria and then to put my ashes to the wind.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | March 7, 2013 | Reply

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