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I hear that expression “I am just taking care of myself and not overloading me with others stuff” a lot from people in all walks of life and yes, taking care of ourselves is very important. If we do not take care of ourselves, we have nothing left to give anyone else. But when does “just taking care of me” become a compulsion that excludes others and when is it just being healthy and taking care of yourself?

Taking care of yourself can be financially, physically, emotionally and that is important to do as long as it is not all we focus on. We have to learn how to take care of ourselves and still include others around us otherwise all the disharmony in the world will keep us isolated from life itself. There will always be problems in life and always be people with problems. I learned not to take on other people’s problems but to just be compassionate and be there for them if I could. love yourself

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Sometimes we can get so caught up in just taking care of us and lose the time for those that love us so that we lose important parts of our lives. I have gotten that way before where I pulled so far in and did not want to even talk to anyone because I was just sick, tired and stressed. And then I realized that one day, the one thing that made me feel better was helping someone else, being around someone else and having a purpose in life.

I can remember a time that I would not answer people when they asked how I felt because I felt like I made them sick or brought them down if I did tell them. And you know what, I hated that because it was being deceptive and I am not a deceptive person. Want me to lose respect for you…just lie to me or be deceptive or manipulative. That does it in about five seconds flat.  I do not want to sound like a moaner groaner all the time but I do want to feel like I can tell someone close to me how I am really feeling if I am struggling for that is when we turn to those we have let into our hearts.

But, then ….where is their line drawn? Does it exclude listening to anyone who has problems? We all have the boundaries down and with them come consequences. To use me as an example, it does not take me too many times of feeling rejected that I will never ever tell a person that does that how I really am. I will always answer something vague like “hanging in there” or “I am ok”, which is not a lie as “ok” means just that…not good and not dire..just ok.

friends are for a reason

While I believe in taking care of myself, I have learned that there is a fine line between becoming obsessed with my own needs and letting others consume me and I have to discover where that line is so that I can feel the contentment that comes from  helping others and having others around me in my life. I truly believe we are put here to be of service and when we are not of service, we become very discontent with life. That is why I call my blog here my job. I feel like I am offering something that others might want or need and that makes me feel productive. We are not an island. We are here for a reason.

personal calling

Boundaries are important but we have to be careful that we do not put such boundaries around ourselves that we cut ourselves off from someone who really cares. No one can make that decision but us. I am thankful for those I have around me even when I am feeling bad and get very quiet, I still feel them near and read what they are doing and see how their lives are going because they are important to me.

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I am so thankful for those who have reached out to help, who have made me an important part of their lives and who care about me so deeply. This past year was made easier because of that and it could easily have been so different had I not been willing to allow people into my life that cared.  And it is in being grateful that I find so much happiness in my life. It has been a long hard journey for me to realize that I am more than the problems I have in life, that I am someone worthy. And I still struggle with that.

gratefulness makes us happy

If I start cutting people out of my life because I am “taking care of me”, then I will never know what I have lost. I truly believe taking care of me includes reaching out to those around me and allowing them to be part of my life. I believe it also is the teacher of life that shows me how to be compassionate and loving to others. Those that have these traits are this way because they learned how to be compassionate and loving to themselves and there is no better teacher than that. As I heard one day…if you want to know how people will treat you, then look at how they have treated others in the past for past behavior is the best judge for present behavior.

Sometimes we can get so far away from others that we lose the light to come back. We can be there physically but that light that shines within has dimmed so much that we do not know how to reconnect again. It is then that we have to look for the light shining from others so that we might be guided back once more and find our way home.

guided back to the light

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