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Faith May Not Always Move Mountains

Faith comes in many forms. I have faith that tomorrow another day will be here. I have faith in certain people. I have faith that I did the best I could raising my sons and that they have turned out to be fine young men. And then, there is the faith in the Almighty. Whether we call him God, Creator, Grandfather, Yawee, Christ..whatever….He is that force that we believe made this world and that watches over us.

Faith may not always move mountains, but it sure does help you jump over the mud puddles of life. I believe faith plays a huge role in our lives…whether it is having faith or not having any. I remember a quote I read that said:

“I would rather spend my life believing there is a God and then dying to find out there was not, than to spend my life believing there is no God and dying to find out there really was a God”.

I have to wonder how someone could look at these majestic mountains and believe they “just happened” and were not created by some force. What beauty, what ruggedness. If you want to find your way in life and want to know if something created us, just look at nature.

Now, talk about faith. It was the faith of our ancestors that brought them out here to this rugged land believing that the dream they were following of a home would carry them over these mountains and to that dream. I have said this before, I can not envision what they thought when they looked ahead and saw these rugged peaks as the creaking of the wagons and the plod plod plod sound of the hooves carried them closer and closer. Now, if it had been me, I would have been thinking “oh my, how the failing hell are we going to get over that????”  And faith in the impossible is what helped them do things like creating a way with ropes to hoist those wagons up the side of the mountains that seemed impassable.

I look at our first snow on the mountains this year and am struck by the beauty but also the ruggedness. My mountains…oh how I love them.

It is faith that helped son and I come over this mountain from the west side, even with my breathing issues. It was faith that helped son to continue driving to get me to help, when on top of the LaVeta Pass my oxygen plummeted. And it was faith that kept me going all these years when I beat odds like lung surgery and kidney surgery.

I believe faith and attitude play a lot in our health issues. We can either get up each day, suited up and ready to jump in the game of life, or we can sit on the sidelines and never play an inning. I choose the first. And I choose to work on the living. I know that none of us will leave this world a day earlier or a day later than the Creator of us all intends, so I leave the dying up to Him and I focus on living and on being here.

Make a step today to follow a dream you have. Son and I uprooted from the south to move out here to the mountains, coming on faith and a willingness to “work the dream”.  It has taken us five years to get here but we are here. And we are still working the dream…still fixing up on the house, still doing all the things to make life less hampered by bills and to have a less stressful life.  But, if we had never stepped out on faith, we would still be sitting back east in a climate that was tearing my health down quickly.

People here are following dreams and stepping out on faith. They are fixing up stores and trying to make their town thrive again. And what a great job they are doing. That is what “working the dream” is all about.

Now, when life seems too hard and you just think you have nothing to be thankful for, I offer a challenge. Every day, when you wake up, write down five things you are thankful for. I think you will be amazed and the focus changes from the negative to the positive things in your life.

The first time I started doing this and I had told myself I would do it every day, I sat there thinking…what can I put down?  And then as I sipped my coffee, it started to hit me.  That first day, I was thankful I had coffee to drink, for many don’t. I was thankful for the breakfast I was eating. I was thankful I was in a house where the thermometer was set on 62  and even though it was cold in the house, it was not as cold as those who had no heat. I was thankful for the long johns I had on. And I was thankful for my legs for even though they don’t work well and they give me great pain all the time…many have no legs. And as I wrote those things down, I realized I had much to be thankful for. It was all in how you looked at things. Try it some time and make yourself do it for at least a week and you will be amazed. I found myself sometimes thankful for the strangest things. One day I was thankful for the snow, for it made everything look so beautiful and clean. 🙂

One day I wrote down I was thankful for the pain I endure. I live with chronic high pain.  And a friend asked me how I could be thankful for pain for she has seen me in horrific pain. My reply was that pain helped me be extra thankful for the times when I was not in so much pain. But it also taught me many things. Without pain, we do not know when we are hurting ourselves or when someone else is. Pain teaches us when to step away whether it is physical pain or heart pain. Without pain, the beauty in life would not be near as beautiful. It is like the rainbow after the thunderstorm. The thunderstorm makes the rainbow seem even more beautiful. And faith makes the world more beautiful.

So, how is your faith today? Are you ready to suit up and get out there in spite of?  That is my philosophy on life. I love people in spite of what they do, not because of what they do. I live life in spite of the hurdles it throws at me and I do not give up because of those hurdles. Change  where your focus is and focus on living. You may have to adapt what you do and how you do it, but you can still live life and enjoy life. It is all a choice. And if your life is miserable today, change your choices and see how it changes your life.

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