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Inspire Or Motivate?

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I have gotten messages over the past two years  from some of you telling me how inspiring I am…what an inspiration I am…and I am humbled by those messages. My goal is not to be an inspirational person who tells others how to live their lives or who  tries to help others with their lives. I do not believe that is possible.  I do not believe that any of us are perfect enough to tell another person how to live. I also do not believe that is our job. We all have problems and all need to work on ourselves.

What I hoped when I started my blog was that someone would read something about my journey and read something that they related to and found motivation  in what I had learned on this older than dirt journey of mine…not in what I say but in what I have “learned” for I can not fix you and my words can only bring you motivation if they are backed up with my journey and what I learned. To me “inspire” does not have the same depth as “motivate”.  I hear music all the time that is “inspiring” or “inspirational” but they do not necessarily move me to get up and do something. I read things that might inspire what I write about but, motivate, on the other hand,  means action to me as in motivate me to improve my life; motivate me to make better choices and motivate me to take action.

Life is a hard journey and harder for some than others. It is often an isolating journey because of health issues, home problems, job problems, etc and that makes the journey even harder. When we feel alone, we feel like we have no resources. And so, what my desire was to be someone who walked the journey of life along with others who are struggling and write about it and about what has kept me going.  I hoped some might find some commonality in it and not feel so alone and it would motivate them to keep going and not give up.

I have read and studied and learned by trial and error what works for me. What works for me may not work for everyone but I was in hopes that someone would find use in it all and it would motivate them to keep working and find ways to keep their happiness going.  And from some messages, at least some of you it has motivated.  And that is the difference in being inspirational and motivational to me. I do not want to be an inspirational person who says wonderful words that may come off hollow because the person has never really traveled the road we do; someone that says words that they think will inspire people to be artistic or creative. I want to cause action and for me to do that means to motivate people to take action in their lives.

If my story can motivate others to keep working at being a survivor and keep choosing happiness over sadness and choosing those things that make life better..then I am happy. There was a time a long time ago that people came together to help each other. They were motivated to share their hearts and their abilities to help someone else get their house built or barn built or help when sickness came. We still see a little of that today but not like we should. I learned a long time ago that when I am motivated to help others, then my life is much more peaceful and content and fulfilling. It helps me keep from totally obsessing on all that is wrong with me.

Every day, the new day holds all sorts of possibilities for us. If we are motivated, we reach for those things whether it be getting to do something we normally do not get to do or helping someone else or offering comfort and support to another even when we are wanting it ourselves or just spending time with others. If we can keep motivation going, increase kindness in our corner of the world, help someone else instead of complaining about why we need help, soothe and comfort someone else in pain which will help our own pain, and open our minds to the things there in each day, we can find our days willed with so much that makes us feel so good.

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