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“When You Don’t Give Up, You Can Not Fail”

We all run races in life and strive to win. Sometimes we come in first place and sometimes second or third or fourth place. It is so important to remember that winning is not always all that matters. Sometimes just finishing the race is.

video by Connie Lynne

This video above has always touched my heart for several reasons. Never underestimate how powerful you can be even when in pain ..when you want something bad enough. Never underestimate how much some people love you and will be there to lift you up. And never underestimate what a parent does to help their child. Believe me when I say that letting go of this young man to let him finish on his own took all that father had for protecting our children is what we do naturally but what is more important than protecting is to make our children stand on their own and accomplish things themselves. We as parents can not always be there to carry our children much as we might want to so we have to let them go and make them step out into the world and take care of life themselves even if they fall. We can be there to love them and pull them up but we have to let go again and let them try again and again and again.

Life is not about winning all the time. It is about staying in the race and not giving up, even when we feel like we can not take one more step.  After a week of having to lay here flat on my back because of my feet and legs are so swollen and painful and covered with psoriasis on top of all my other pain and as I struggled with tears on my face to stand up and take a couple of steps, my son at first said reached out to help me stand up and I let him.

And then when I started to take those steps, he looked at me and he knew and he stepped a step back and let me go. He knew I had to do it on my own for my own self. Oh, he stayed close enough if I fell but he did let go.  It is easy to just give up and lay there letting our muscles whither but I refuse to do that. Yes, it is the most painful thing I have done in a long while but the triumph of taking those few steps made it all worth while.  And then I had to lay down because the pain was too much. But I had done what we all have to do when life is tough and that is keep moving if only baby steps.

Oh yes we can do it. We might lose sometimes but we can use that to make us even more determined to keep going. Life is choices and we can choose to keep going. It is not pretending to be happy it is choosing to be happy. There is a difference. And as we battle and take baby steps to keep going on our journey, know that there are angels on earth that are there beneath our wings to help lift us up…and then to let go when we take flight. When fear sets in and those feelings of doubt start creeping in, look at yourself and tell yourself “You CAN do this”  and then just do it. Fear is what makes us not try,  and when we do not try, we are stuck in the same hole day after day after day.

video by LyricssFromTheBest

It is really ironic in that most chronically ill people feel like they sit in the shadows of those that are healthy and can get out there and do things. And yet, it is the healthy ones that tell us what warriors we are and how they admire us. And then they do not realize that they are so often the wind beneath wings and help us soar to heights untold.  They stand there and watch us take off fighting with every breath to make one more step, one more try, one more time and think how awesome we are and we look at them and think we are in their shadow and how they are the wind beneath our wings.  It just shows we all are together in this race…all fighters…all survivors…and all heroes in some way to some one.

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