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The Defining Moment Of Life

There is a defining moment in life. It is the wake-up call. It is the moment in which life can begin to change for us. As you read this blog, you will find a quote that answers the question how can I make my life better? First you have to figure out which person you are.

We have all been around this kind of person…all listened to them. You know the ones that want the world to think how bad off they are and work so hard trying to prove how bad life is to anyone that will listen that if they put as much effort and energy into proving how good life still is, they would be happy people. They are what I call suffering with the “poor pitiful me” syndrome and unfortunately it is contagious in the sense that they affect those around them in a negative way and the doom and gloom that it spreads.

Life is not going to be all good nor is it ever all bad. Words are so powerful that not only do we affect our lives, we affect the lives of those around us. It is a choice on how we view life and how we deal with what life hands us. We either choose to see the good that is there in spite of the bad or we choose to moan about the bad like that is all there is……all a choice.

Someone sent me this example..I love it as I am a person of faith. “when Christ was being beaten with whips, a crown of thorns crammed on his head and forced to carry his own cross…hmm I wonder did he say  “all life is bad…all people are bad”?  And yet he still died for us.”   I love this one for when people who are moaner groaners want to use their faith as a reason for all their suffering, I am going to start handing this to them on a card.

I am not saying that being chronically ill is fun, or being unemployed is fun, or losing your home, or losing a loved one is fun. But there is still joy in life. I do not enjoy being chronically ill and living with chronic pain and extreme limitations but I do still enjoy my sons, my granddaughter, my Daisy, my loved ones and family, taking pictures, painting and drawing, writing, reading, watching the birds, smelling my son’s cooking, being in my home, my church family, and I could go on listing. The two are not mutually exclusive…being in pain and chronically ill and finding joy in things and people in life. One has nothing to do with the other. The shape of my health was not a choice. Finding joy in life and in those around me is a choice.

We can not always change what happens to us in life but we can change how we deal with it. It is a choice and choosing to see the joy to me is by far the best choice. Being positive or being negative is like getting syrup on your hands….every where you touch, you are spreading it. Which one do you want to be spreading? And believe it or not, I have actually had some email me and tell me they wanted to spread their misery for they wanted everyone to be as miserable as they were. What a sad commentary for life.

I figure people who know me, know my story,  know what kind of pain I suffer with and how sick I get and all the struggles. I do not need to keep telling them where I am saying it over and over all day long. I want to motivate people to find the joy in life and to keep fighting and I can not do that if I can not even motivate my own self. Think about that for a minute. How many inspirational speakers have you heard that whined and moaned and groaned all day long and then occasionally threw in “but I am making it” for good emphasis?  I have not heard any inspirational/motivational speakers do that. They are so busy enjoying and living their lives in spite of all they endure that they do not spend their days wallowing in suffering. They get through the hard times and wallow in the good times.

I have seen some inspirational/motivational speakers who have come through horrific circumstances to finding joy and living happy lives. They are the ones that inspire me and make me believe that it is possible to keep going. The other kind of speakers are the kind that make me feel like I might as well give up and why bother. I remember my godfather telling me that if I spent my time trying to lift others up, I would find myself lifted up but if I spent my time wanting others to lift me up…I was only a burden to them and myself too. We can not change what life gives us but we can choose how we deal with it. That is my mantra when things seem tougher than ever. I tell myself over and over “it is my choice how I deal with is my choice”.  That alone should be liberating knowing we can choose how we let life affect us.

Ok, in case you missed it through this blog as I said it several times, the defining moment in life is when you finally realize that:

We all face obstacles. How you deal with those obstacles defines who you are and determines how successful you are in life.”
Corbet Barr

And it has nothing to do with age. It has everything to do with gaining the wisdom to know that it is a choice and that happy people realize that it is a choice and so realize when they hear or see moaning, groaning people…that they know that person is choosing to be that way. So, what do you choose today? It is not pretending to be happy. It is choosing to be happy and choosing see the joyful things still in your life instead of hanging on to the negative things.

I watched a movie last nite and a man told the woman that she was holding so hard on to the negative parts of her life that it was like holding a ten pound bag of sand when all she had to do was let go of the bag and let the feeling or relief lift her up like a balloon. Sandbags are used to hold a hot air balloon down but when they want to soar, they get rid of the sandbags. It is a choice.

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