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Just For Humor-Kung Fu Granny

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Now that I have stopped laughing, I have to share this story. I just told it to my dear friend back in FL. Son had gone to town. I am on my hospital bed and I hear a noise and then see a shadow on the ceiling of a person coming towards the kitchen.
All I could think was omg..I am alone and there is someone breaking in my house. So, I eased up to the end of the bed, got my crutch and held on to the wall and eased to the door. Mind you I am on one crutch because I want to use my other hand and foot to scare the intruder.
As the person gets closer, I lunge out the door on one crutch..with my right arm extended in a karate chop and my right foot up about a foot off the ground and holler AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAAAAA at the person. It was my son and he jumped and said “what the hell are you doing????” and then reaches to steady me as I am swaying on the crutch.
I said I thought you were a burglar. He started laughing and said “and you wonder why I don’t get you a gun”…ROFLMAO…I had to call my friend and tell her because she has been here, she knows me and has seen me and she could truly visualize how funny it was…this wobbly granny going to attack an intruder.
He asked me what I would have done had it been an intruder..I said well they would have either thought they had broken into a crazy woman’s house or fallen down on the floor laughing hysterically and then I could have hit them with my crutch. giggling

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